so as we all know i have a phobia about aging. so i thought it might be a good idea to start hanging out with a younger crowd? this is aviv he’s kind of hard to keep up with but i’m trying. (see picture below) was that funny at all? i think the older i get the more consistently less funny i get. it could be every year i’m more tired and i have less time alone with my brain to think of funny things. any way the real explanation to why there’s a picture of me and a little baby on the site. my friend, co-worker, and member 95 jonathan eshe, jonathan and his lovely wife invited us over for their son’s aviv 1 birthday. kate ian and i made the trip to hoboken and enjoyed the afternoon although by the time we left felt totally exhausted. I’m not really sure why though. (side note) i made the bowie shirt the kid has on. now that’s a happy birthday.

other than that is was a slow weekend with out much to report. hey did anyone see the halfass golden globes announcements last night? i saw the people on NBC (i think) they had some tool reading the winners and not only was it less than entertaining but they guy the had the dumbest stuff to say i think I’ve ever heard. i could only find one youtube clip of this tool (the guy on the left) although this clip doesn’t show just how dim this dude is.

lastly mac world is tuesday so look for the super cool coming your way!!!

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