as i mentioned in my last post mac world was this week. here’s the run down. ( for those of you that think this is nerdy, paul didn’t write this, currently this is dport7 staff member nicholas typing) anyway the big announcement is that apple released a new super thin ultra portable laptop called the macbook air. you can see in my picture below how i feel. SO WHAT its super thin. great! don’t get me wrong i understand the engineering mastery behind all of this, but really? this is what you want to spend your resources doing? that said I’m sure once I see it in person I’ll have the over whelming urge to buy one.
what else did they announce you ask? well not a lot. some crap update for the appleTV, and new apps for the iPod touch (which was needed) but other than that it was kinda slow.

friday ian, kate, sara, her friends and I went to this piano bar on the upper east side called brandy’s. its pretty fun, the piano guy starts playing at 9:30 and the place fills up. everybody in the bar sings along and from time to time the waitress or the bartenders come up and sing a few songs. they’re all pros working at the bar as they try to get in a show i guess. it’s surprisingly pretty fun. people get drunk and rowdy and start having good time. Here’s a video clip of the same singer and piano player we saw on friday just to give you a idea of what it’s like.

Lastly yesterday we went and saw no country for old men the new cohen brothers movie. It’s exhausting! It’s really about a guy in the wrong place at the wrong time who finds some drug money and tries to keep it. The drug kingpin sends some crazy murdering guy to find the money and well you get it. It’s a good movie it really moves it’s just kinda too smart for me.

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