so for an end of week surprise i have this little nugget of content for you. the other day i got a email from apple showing how to make icons for the iphone and iPod touch. so because i want you all to check the blog no matter where you are i created one for your favorite site. “that’s cool paul but how do i get it?” well on your device go to chances are if your reading this your already in the right spot. now all you have to do is hit the + at the bottom of the device. it will ask you if you want to “add to home screen”. hit that button and your on your way. you can name it anything you want or leave it as is. All your friends that have become a bit disenchanted with you pulling out your iPhone all the time will instantly forgive you when they see your checking up on americans number 1 website for news about paul. i hope your surprised and you like it.

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  1. Spotted a link to this post over at Digg. I know i’m a little off topic, but i just wanted to say i love the layout of your blog. I’m new to the WordPress platform, so any suggestions on getting my blog looking nice would be appreciated.

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