ok so check this out. Ian and I where hanging out at this bar last night in the west village. Just having a few drinks and generally acting like gentlemen. It was was getting late and some people were starting to leave. Everyone had kinda laid their coats in a booth by the door where ian and I where standing. This guy in a rugby shirt throws ian’s coat on the floor as he’s looking for his own. Ian turns to him saying ” hey man let’s not throw coats on the floor that’s not cool.” This guy “who I will refer to as tad” started to get kinda aggressive and insulting both ian and i. He went on and on telling us to F@$k off and to go f@$k ourselves. Seeing this scene tad’s little friend Clay came over to help Tad insult us. :Note: Clay is the real inspiration for this post. With Tad running out of ways to insult us with the F-word Clay jumped in saying “oh yeah, well we went to one of the top schools on the east coast!……….f@$ker” Now this is the point where I’m totally stunned. How can it seem like a good idea to tell guys you might fight in a few minutes what college you went to and how its rated. I know what he was getting at. ian and I look uneducated, but for the love of god just say that. For that matter what response do you expect from that. Was I suppose to come back with, ” oh yeah, well my jr. high summer reading list was really hard, yeah fool it had 2 steinbeck novels on it and I read them both!…….f@$ker” i guess what we learned from this experience is if you go to a top 11 school (which i still don’t really get) they don’t teach you how to trash talk before a fight. needless to say ian and i, going to art school learned to trash talk early on. feel rest assured that we certainly gave clay a verbal beating for the college comment. also don’t worry there was no fight. as you might have guessed I can’t and don’t fight. surpisingly ian also doesn’t fight although he talks about fighting people almost everyday. since I think you’ll agree tad a clay are real douche bags so for this they are receiving the first dport7 douche bag seal of excellence, this isn’t a real picture of the guys but I google searched “douche bag guys” and this picture came up, clay and tad look kinda like this though.

if your board with reading this blog (it can happen) check this one out it’s pretty good stuff white people like.

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