Last weekend was a big one! My brother Dr. John Diehl got married in Hilton Head SC. It was a hot one! We got to see some of my family including avid dport7 reader Krissy. It was certainly great to see everyone. We had a special bonus of going to Savannah for a day and a half. Which for Kate and I was really fun. We stayed the first night along with my parents at the Elisia Thomas house on Jones St.

Then on Sunday we stayed at the new hotel Perry Lane which was truly a delight. One of the nicest places I’ve ever stayed.

Savannah was fun, got to see our old friend Joel which 2as a hoot. Joel is one funny dude.

Things got a little rough

Have you ever been to Surf City. Surf City NJ? Well I have, that’s where I was last weekend. In a strange turn of events we went for our friend’s birthday. Although he failed to show up, so it was just a group hang in a little beach house and plenty of sand and surf.

I don’t have any particular event or story to discuss. We just had a nice time. No drama, no injuries, no disasters. Oh wait, one stand out moment was our friend Elaine who is just back from Australia was there and she brought one of her famous power hour videos. The power hour is a video that is 1 hour long. Based on a theme Elaine selects 1 minute music video clips and mixes them together. She is masterful at it and it is truly a delight.

Oh, and I had the best crabcake sandwich of my life! So good infact that I felt guilty for eating it. It felt as if I didn’t deserve this level of crab cake. I am just a common man, and this was a crab cake for Kings! You can get one to at Ship Bottom Shell Fish in Surf City NJ.

Pics below

this was the house