Hello, last weekend was Memorial Day. Kate and I took the van to Pennsylvania to the Frank Lloyd Wright, Falling water house. Kate had never been and I enjoyed it so much when I went in 2017 that I wanted to go back with her. They don’t let you take pictures inside which is kind of a boner. Our tour guide was a robotic turd in her 20’s. On her very best day she’s a shitty tour guide and we didn’t catch her at her best. That said it dosent really matter the house is truly astonishing and I very much recommended it.

We stayed at Ohiopyle State park on Friday night. We got up on Saturday and went for a hike to find the cool ass water falls in the area. It was great!

We went on the Maryland to do some Kayaking for Sunday and Monday. Sadly I was pretty sick, coughing all night and keeping myself and Kate from sleeping. We decided to the just do the beach Sunday and drive home in the evening to avoid the Holiday traffic on I95 on Monday morning.

We found this little beach at Elk Neck State Park. It’s not a destination by any means but it did the job for getting some sun and putting our feet in the water.

So, the van. I had the new engine kit put on to make things a bit more reliable. To that end I think it is. It may need a bit more tunning as the idle is a bit jumpy but all in all it’s good. It may be wishful thinking on my end but there might even be a bit more power in 4th gear now.

I was flying solo this weekend gang. You know what that means!? Time to get my nerd on… As many of you may know I come from an era where being a nerd was not acceptable. Thus I do my best to hid my nerdy ways. Although I may be fooling myself in thinking it’s hidden.

Kate and her mom went to Pittsburgh to see the great singer,actor,writer,performer Garth Brooks/Chris Gains. That left me some time to build a computer, and oh what a time it was.

6 months ago I ordered a computer case from the start up company Louqe. It’s a high quality ITX (mini) case. I was excited about the build quality and small foot print. Sadly the company is at best irresponsible and never sent me my case. There is a list of endless excuses why, but who cares.

On Saturday I couldn’t take it anymore. Back in March Louqe sent me an email that the case was on it’s way. I was excited and ordered all the parts to build the computer. Processor, Motherboard, Ram etc. The case never showed and I had all these parts just sitting in my office ageing not being used. I was struggling to use my old iMac while all this power sat on the floor.

I went and bought the NZXT H200i case over at Micro Center in Paterson NJ. I got it on clearance so it was a good price. I started tinkering with it on Saturday night and got it to the point where it would turn on. On Sunday morning I booted it up, installed Windows and felt pretty good. The last step was to put in the graphics card. This is where things take a turn. Some of the wiring was tough to snake through the case and didn’t have enough slack to easily connect to the Motherboard and the Power Supply. When pushing the Graphics Card into place I applied too much pressure and the cables damaged the Motherboard, breaking it! This ment I had to run back out to Micro Center and buy a new board. Not cheap but not an total disaster.

After spending a few hours at Micro Center getting the Power Supply checked and picking up a new Motherboard and cable extenders I was on my way back home to know disasemble everything again. I knew what I was doing and had the entire thing put back together in an hour and a half. I was excited to turn it on and when I did it just clicked. I was heart broken. At that point I had to take a break. I had a beer, talked to Kate on the phone a little. When I went back to it I noticed that I had the secondary power connection plugged into the wrong section on the power supply. I changed that out and BAM it worked!

Everything is installed now and working well. Hooray! See pictures below.

It was a great experience, and I’ll probably do it again in the future. I like being able to control what I’m getting. Apple just cost too much for shit graphic card support.