Last weekend I visited my family!

Yes, I do that. I’ve been accused of never visiting and never is a long time! This past weekend I put such claims to bed. I was in Columbus Ohio from Friday night till Sunday afternoon.

Friday night I met John and Kristen for a burrito down the street from their house. Then they gave me a tour of there new place. John has done quite a job with the basement. It’s his own sports museum. It’s tough to discribe but it’s like a mini Hall of Fame if you will. Sadly it was dark out so I don’t have a picture of the house or the dogs, as there are 2.

Saturday, John picked me up bright and early for his Trampoline class. This, is also hard to explain. See the pictures below, it’s a giant space filled with “tramps” but the workout dosent really rely on the tramps all that much. It’s a normal cardio work out with some bouncing at the beginning. It’s fun!

We then met my parents and my cousin Krissy for lunch at what seems to be the prevailing style of restaurant in Columbus. That kind of tavern sports bar place. It was fine I had the chicken and a bourbon with too much ice.

After lunch John and Krissy went on with their days and I stayed to hang out with my parents. What did we do? Nothing just hung out and waited for dinner time. When that rolled around we want to the Mexican place in the parking lot. Then to bed.

Sunday was church at the crack of dawn and then brunch. John took off to do some laundry, so my parents took me on a tour of The Ohio State campus. In a word.. big! Not sure I really wrapped my head around it. The student Union building was pretty ugly but the library was fantastic.

After the tour I took off for Cincinnati. When I arrived I saw this lovely Vanagon! Then met my cousin Karen for dinner.

All in all a successful trip! Great to see everyone. Hope to do it again soon.

Hello winter, I see you’re doing well…

I have been getting pounded with snow the last few days. It snowed 3-4 inches Friday night and then 4-6 inches Sunday night. Both times enough snow that a good old fashion shoveling was required. Saturday was fine I could do the work at my leisure. Monday morning however was a bit tougher. I sprung out of bed at 5am expecting the worst. We didn’t get the “worst” but it was a solid snow fall for sure.

All Photos From Monday Morning

In a shocking turn of events. My commute although filled with anxiety, was rather smooth. I was up so early I decided to take an earlier train (the 7:14am). Believe it or not that sucker was on time! With the other delays in the system I caught my connection at Newark Broad with only a 2 minute wait! Way to be NJT!

In other news on Saturday our new furniture arrived. In 2008 we bought a beautiful sectional couch from Room and Board called “The Clarke”. It served us well for many years. In the apartment it sat in a corner and fit the space perfectly. In the house, however it divided the room in a way that made the space feel smaller. In a shocking turn of events we bought a new couch and chairs. It’s quite unusual for us as it brings a whole new set of dynamic colors into the house.