This past weekend Kate and I took a bit of a miniture vacation and went to the Catskills and stayed at Scribner’s Lodge. The Catskills are getting a bit of a revival thanks to the Brooklyn hipsters. There are many new lodges up there newly built to attact those trendy trust fund babies. It works out great for us because the places are nice and the food is good. We just have to put up with the occasional Brooklyn hipster parent and child or a loud conversation about healing crystals.

We drove up on Saturday and got to the lodge around 3. The lodge is located very close to Hunter Mountain a small ski resort. We had the possibility to go skiing on Sunday but unfortunately it was raining and it was stupid windy.

Instead we went to the a different lodge for lunch called Deer Mountain Inn. It was all super lovely. The food was great and the lodge its self was really cool. The only thing about all these lodges is that they allow dogs. There was this french family eating a few table down from us. They had this little dog wandering around the dinning room. After some time the little guy walked to the center of the room and took a shit. In true french family style not one of them got up to clean up the mess, they waited for the hotel staff to take care of it! WTF! “Build That Wall” amirite!

The rain kept us inside at Scribner’s the rest of the day. That was fine, it was good to relax a bit. Work has had me prey stressed out. I took the time to start the timeline for the next big van trip in August. Kate and I also played more than a couple games of pool of which I think we broke even. Of course Kate can play pool! Kate is magic we all know this.

On Monday we headed home in the moring. It had snowed over night and up in the mountains we drove though a couple of patchy snow squalls. We stopped at our fav the Phonicia Diner for breakfast it’s always good. We were home by noon so I did a bit of work from home for the afternoon.

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Well I certainly hope you had a lovely President’s day. Any time there is a 3 day weekend in the mix it makes the crushing winter season a bit more manageable.

We kept things pretty quite, #lesschulman Jon Schuman and his wife Kate came to visit because Kate had a baby shower to attend. We went into the city on Sunday for dinner at The Lafayette which was nice. I had the burger which was different for me. I don’t usually do that as a burger can be hard on the system.

On Sunday we hung out at the house and started a puzzle we then finished on Monday. (See said Puzzel below) As you may have noticed it is a hilarious puzzle of kitties enjoying a day at the beach. Can you imagine! (just for the record I know this is not cool, but its what I did, and its winter time so deal, we all have to.)

We had a good visit, it was great to see the Schulman’s I just wish it could be a bit warmer.

Oh, and to put your mind at ease Buttfuzz survived even though she hates John more than anything on this Earth. Why? No one really knows. John did something awful to her years ago I can only assume.