Today is very cold. Kate and I walked to the Highland Station train it was -2 air temperature and -15 with wind chill. The picture below was taken at 7:53 am.

There has to be a better way….

Kate is very cold in this photo

Hello everyone.

Today was a big one here in the NYC area. For those of you that drive around the region you may be familiar with the Tappen Zee Bridge. As you may know The Tapp (as it’s called) was replaced with a new bridge. Today they had to blowup what was left of the old bridge and drop it into the Hudson. It was too decrepit to take down safely so they had to drop it. Watch the video it’s great!

Happy New Year everyone.

We headed up to the Catskills, more accurately Phonicia to a house with our friends for New Year’s Eve. It was a good time. The house was roumored to be haunted and by looking at it you would certainly agree. Although it was just wishful thinking on our friends part. Kate and I stayed on the top floor of the house (the most haunted floor) and sure we saw the ghost of a little boy from the turn of the century playing with that stupid wooden hoop that you hit with a stick. His name was Oliver and he died of the whooping cough in 1903. But that doesn’t make a place “hunted”!

On New Year’s Eve 5 of us went for a cold weather like up to the top of Giants Ledge. There was a bit more ice than I had planned for but we made the hike just fine. I used my osmo 2 steady cam to shoot a super boring video which you can enjoy here.

This may or may not be well known, buuuuuut after I have a few holiday drinks I tend to be easily cajoled into singing some Beastie Boys songs if there is a mic around. Turns out the speaker playing the music happened to have a mic plugged into it. I took the opportunity to indulge myself.

All in all it was a great time, it was great to see everyone. Things certainly got rowdy.

Resolutions you ask? Well, that’s a great question. I think the only one I’m interested in discussing is the Van trip we are planning this year. We are hoping to go North West this time. I will divulge more as the planning progresses.