Merry Christmas everyone.

This year we all went to Stowe Vermont to a rented house my parents organized. In keeping with the Holiday Spirit, we all attended Kate’s parents, us and my brother John. It was a great way to get us all together for the holiday.

There were many many cookies, ham, and a kitty puzzle. On the 26th we went skiing at the Stowe Ski Resort. It’s a beautiful place. The runs are pretty long but really icy.

It was great to see everyone and have a comfortable place to enjoy the Holiday!!


Well this is it! 12/06/2018!!!

The kitchen project is complete! Coming in at 177 days from start of demo. Countless hours of prep, 1 lost summer, and an undisclosed amount of money that I know down to the cent!

In choosing to manage this project ourselves we saved about $20K. This made the project possible. We stayed with in the budget we planned for when we started. While still being able to include many custom built pieces. The island table, the range hood and the open shelving. The stroke of luck was the neighborhood carpenter that did all the cosmetic work except the painting. Doug is a true professional, and a great craftsman.

Is it perfect? No, of course not. Is it appropriate in budget for the house? Yes! It is also very much loved by Kate and I and that is most important.

Now check out the pictures!

How can we forget where we came from. The Italian French fusion that haunted my life