Last night was such a great surprise! As an early birthday present Kate got me tickets to the Beastie Boys book launch at Town Hall in Manhattan. It was kind of a little play. Ad Rock and Mike D read/ acted out some of the stories from there new book. I knew this event was happening but hadn’t gotten tickets for myself as I was worried they might be a bit hard to take on stage.

I was delighted to be wrong. It was like hanging out with your old best friends that you haven’t seen in years. They borrowed heavily from the “Oh Hello” formate that was on Broadway last year. They tried to tell their story in sort of a timeline, but there is just too much. To many anecdotes that lead to others all out of order. It was fantastic! I couldn’t have enjoyed it more.

It sounds stupid to say, so I often don’t, but the Beastie Boys where a huge influence on my life. They helped me see the world in a less serious/apocalyptic way. At a time (high school) when every decision felt like the end of the world. They taught me t relax, its all just a big joke anyway. All this stress isn’t helping anything. I needed that refresher course, and last night was it. It’s important to remember to be stupid. Be funny, make jokes and goof.

Although their story ends with MCA passing away, it is bolstered by the 40 year friendship they had. To experience so much of life together and come out the other side still great friends is an accomplishment and a testament to each of their characters.

I wish it could have gone on for 4 hours and I think they wish it could have to. As I stood up at the end with everyone to applaud it was hard not to feel as if I was saying good bye. I’m so delighted and greatful that I got to see this last show. I will always remember it.

Lastly, thanks to Kate! (She dosent read the blog so she’ll never see this.) It was such a tremendous gift to get these tickets. It was kinda a one shot deal. Kate is the most amazing person, and some how I tricked her into hanging out with me. Then in what has been called the greatest slight of hand, I tricked her into marrying me. It’s the greatest move of my life.

This was the big surprise reveal.

Hey everybody we carved pumpkins this weekend. I know what your saying. ” Paul, this blog is getting more and more boring every post. First Steely Dan now this? Wtf!”

Your not wrong, but I don’t care. Kate enjoys a good Halloween pumpkin carving so we do it. This year we went non traditional just so our neighbors could be reminded we are creative professionals (barf). I went for a swirl type cage to represent the futial nature of human existence. Kate went for a perferated gradient hole pattern to represent the endless windows of opportunity that surround us all everyday….

Enjoy the photos!

the scariest one of all!

Man oh man! This weekend I went to see Steely Dan at the Beacon theater..It was on Saturday night and the average age of the folks in attendance was about 75.

Stealy Dan consists of Donald Fagen and Walter Becker. Last year we lost Walter, so Donald has to go it alone (with a giant band). To be completely fair, Donald looks terrible, but sounds great!

I was set to go to the show with my neighbor down the street Jose. Unfortunately he had lazer eye surgery and could go. I got that info on Friday at 7pm. It is not easy to find aonther taker for a Steely Dan show. I started asking around to people I thought might be interested,and not even bothering with people I knew wouldn’t. In the end I was able to talk our friend Matt into going with about 2 hours before show time. He saved Kate from joining the long sad trail of tears that is the plight of a wife at a Steely Dan show.

I got myself a real cool t-shirt, and was really impressed with how good the show was. Donald Fagen was backed up by a great, and I mean GREAT band which if you know the songs is pretty crucial for the sound.

All in all I’d say it was a win! I enjoyed the show and had a great day in the city before hand.

Weird week last week.

On Monday I head into the office to find that a sewage pipe had busted in the basement and the building would be closed the rest of the week. That means I had to work from home. I do not like working from home as it makes me anxious. I don’t have all the files I need. I also hate mixing those two world’s anymore than I have to. Home is a safe place.

You might be thinking “Hey Paul, what is the deal with that range hood?” You’re right it’s been for freaking ever! I called Range Craft last Monday to get the ETA and they said they needed to check the progress and call me back. I called them back Tuesday afternoon and the woman tells me it’s going to be 3 more weeks as their welder had a heart attack the prior Friday. I informed her that although I was very sorry for said heart attack, my hood was slated to be done before the unfortunate event took place. Thus they hadn’t held up their end of the contract and there should be some consolation for this. I did not yell or curse but I was stern.

(Smash cut to the next morning) I receive a call at 10 am from the Range Craft sales woman informing me the hood was ready to be picked up. I responded with some suprise laughter and asked how this was even possible after yesterday’s conversation. Then to my surprise a different voice was on the other end of the line. It was the owner yelling at me for being upset when I was told the hood would take another 3 weeks. She informed me that I could not talk to her employees that way…. I had to get stern again and inform her that, it was not that case that I treated her sales person poorly. I was rightfully upset that we have wanted over 10 weeks for this hood, and that they were using a irrelevant excuse to delay it aonther 3 weeks. This made her even more mad and she told me to come pick up the hood.

Because I was working from home I was able to take my lunch and drive to pick the hood up. The van was again a life saver on this one. As you can see it fit in there perfect and we made it home no problem.

“Hey Paul is the hood installed then?” Nope! We called our guy but he’s busy and probably won’t get to it this week. Man oh man this job is taking forever! We started this relativity small project in June and it is October 1 today. 🙁