……………… kitchen

As we discussed in earlier posts, this is going to be a relatively small job with a disproportionately long process.

The countertops are in! The custom island table is in! The backsplash is getting started today along with the molding on the ceiling!

The island table was kind of a fun experience. I found a place that did steal fabrication in Patterson NJ. We had to go pick it up, and of course it was in a rough part of town. We took the van and it fit in the back perfect. The guys were really nice and the price was right. Is it perfect? No, it could be better, but it was built to the specifications of the drawing I sent so it’s cool with me.

I feel like we made a lot of progress pre 4th of July and since things have been dragging. Lucky for us the kitchen has been semi usable the entire time.

The paint starts on Aug 2nd so that will really feel like we are closing in on the finish. The killer issue is the range hood. It’s being custom build and it’s taking for-ev-er!

That’s the update. See the picks below. The countertops go a long way to brightening things up.

I know what your thinking. “Not another kitchen update (eye roll). But no! This post isn’t at all about the kitchen. This is about our van trip to the white mountains and Mount Washington.

The White Mountains are in New Hampshire. The very North end infact. It’s a solid 6-7 hour drive. We left of Saturday morning and had an absolutely lovely drive up there. It was in the 60’s, so cool in fact that we didn’t even roll down the windows. Just opened the vent and it was very comfortable. We got to Littleton NH in the late afternoon and were generously invited to stay at a coworker’s family home for the evening as I couldn’t reserve a camp site.

Poped the top to show off the van

Sunday was the big day! The ultimate east coat van mountain adventure. Mount Washington is the highest peak in the North East United States at 6,288.2 ft. There is an auto road that has been functioning since 1861! It is a 12% grade for much of the road. It 7.6 miles and it is a killer. 2 lanes, very tight and in a 30 year old van completely thrilling. It was 1st and 2nd gear the entire way and by the time we got to the top Kate was in tears and I was shaking and about to pass out. Now, let me explain. If you’re a bit queeze when it comes to heights this is a real thrill ride. That said if you’re a bit queeze about your 30 year old van exploding then it’s a entirely other type of thrill ride. The van did great the entire way up, but you never know with these things. If we had broke down up there it would have been impossible to get to a save spot to wait for help. It was great! The relief of the accomplishment over shadowed the veiws and I did a terrible job getting any good pictures. (classic Paul blunder). Notice in the first picture below the moutian train. If you’re not interested in testing fate it’s a great option.

The way down the mountian was a pretty tough one. The breaks got a good bit hot. so much infact that they were smoking pretty bad. They then started to leak melted grease from the hubs as it had been heated to a blue liquid. Crazy!

The blue goo leaking out of the hub, burning up.

Monday we got the old inflatable kayak out and in true Kate and Paul fashion became far too ambitious in your kayaking abilities. We wanted up paddleing a total of 6 miles. The back end of that up stream. Before you label us two stupid fools. The current was very week. It still hurt. We also got a good about of sun. Not terribly burned, but burned enough.

Tuesday we took a early morning trip to Diana’s bathes. Which is a series of waterfalls you can walk through. We got there before all the family showed up. They pretty much turn a natural landscape into a water park and it’s kind of depressing.

After the waterfalls we startes our way home…. It was sooooooo hot. I mean sooooooo hot I got sunburned through my t-shirt. Kate couldn’t even talk to me. The windows were all open, but the air was so hot there was no relief. I can’t believe Kate didn’t knife me at the end of the trip. 7 hours in the beating sun is enough to convince any jury it was self defense. She didn’t. God love her!

(BTW, sorry for the lame music on the video. I edited on my phone and could choose a music track for some reason)

Demo Done Son!

Things continue to move forward even if they have slowed a bit. As you may have gathered from the title the last of the demo was finnishing up and all the drywall has been patched. We also have the electrical sorted. We decided to only have lighting under the bottom shelves. Trying to light all of them separately seemed a bit much and I think in the long run will result in a more consistent feeling feature.

It was also a big week for fridges. We got the wine fridge in place and all framed up, ready for the countertop. We also received the main fridge that turned out to be a perfect fit. It was all for the best after last week’s fridge disaster. We wound up with the taller model so it fits the caseing much much better. It is already making ice and life better.

Next up is the countertops. Now, my guess is that they will be installed next week as this is a holiday week and it can be tough to schedule things. It looks as if we will have the island table done just in time for that install which is super exciting!

Talk to you next week!

Wine Fridge Framed

Main Fridge

Hooked up the water abd it works!

Buttfuzz was hanging with me.