Today is a very hopeful day. After the last 9 months of what some would call a post apocalyptic atomic winter. Today is the tiny glimer of light at the end of this dark cold tunnel.

Baseball’s Opening Day! It’s not looking blinding bright for the Mets this year. In-fact I feel as if excitement is pretty down after last year’s injury plauged season. Pair that with the fact that the Yankees are looking real good and have superstar
Aaron Judge and you have a lack luster start for the turds from Queens.

That said I can’t help but feel the warm glow of hope today (even if it is raining). They aren’t America’s team, hell they aren’t even New York’s team. They are a rag tag crew of underdogs with a better balanced group of players than in previous years. The game is at 1:10 and we are playing St. Louis. Let’s Go Mets!

as always Buttfuzz rocks her Mets jersey for opening day.

Weekend update!

Late Sunday afternoon (yesterday) I got myself in action and finally made the first steps to get some organization in the basement. The suburban basement is a tricky mistress as it’s a sort of black hole for stuff. Turns out I hate stuff. All these years I thought stuff was cool. Well, let me tell you stuff is not cool. Stuff was holding me back. Holding me back from what you might ask? Living my truth? No, that’s never been an issue for me. “Living my truth” seem difficult to avoid, as if you take the “my” out of the equation it’s just “living truth” which is really just living. I digress…

I decided to make a pegboard wall to hang all the tools that have been stuffed into draws or cabinets in the basement and make finding anything impossible. Thus frustrating me on the weekends.

I went to my local Home Depot and picked up the pegboard and enough 1X2’s to make the frame. Over the past year and a half Home Depot has become a bit more manageable as this fool has learned to depend on the Home Depot app vs the turds that prented to work there. (Disclaimer)( I’m sure many a knowlegable employee work at Home Depot’s scattered across this great nation. My experience is only the Maplewood Vauxhall Road Home Depot.)

I came home and Kate had started to oraganize the stuff we had piled in the basement. I helped finish up and made a clear space to start the project. I’m not sure how long it took but I might guess only about and hour or 2. Here are the directions I used, not really needed but hey why not.

I’ve orders a few more hooks and trays. I’m looking forward to optimizing it. See the pics below it’s just a start. Plus you can see there is still plenty of just to sort out.

Home Depot action shot

In the basement

Just in case I forget in a year. This winter has been truly the worst…. I have that thing where the summer sun erases all the bad memories of the winter prior. I go into each new winter season thinking it won’t be that bad…. Like a hopeful young freshman in highschool. Starring off into the middle distance with his wide eyed dumb face thinking “highschool can’t possibly be a social damaging experience”.

This winter I shan’t forget. We have had 3 noreasters in 4 weeks. We have a 4th storm slated for next week and it’s the second half of March! To this I say for shame mother nature. The grey sky depression has taken hold and I can honestly say it’s not just me. It’s effecting the entire east coast.

It’s like being trapped in a snow globe that someone keeps dropping and then comically kicking around the room when they try to pick it up.

It’s like an prison with out walls. Covered in snow with no release date in sight.

It’s like a dare, a dare that didn’t keep kids off drugs at all… In fact it’s the dare that started this nuclear winter and the opeoid epidemic.

It’s like an alcoholic with a ski resort snow machine. In this scenario they’re not addicted to booze they’re addicted to burying the east cost in snow and self-esteem issues.

Highland ave njt stop, my local

The view from my bedroom, everyday since October.

Hello old friend…..

Yes, I’ve neglected you, and for good reason some might say. Since my last post in 2015, the internet has changed a lot. Instagram has become my main source of maintaining a fake sense of self importance. That said personal blogs became just too cumbersome for people to care about. It’s too much effort on both ends. Me to write and you to point your browser at.

The other day it came to my attention that this blog had fallen off the internet. That was a step too far even for this absent blog owner. So, last weekend I took the effortless steps to contact my server host and get things straightened out. That lands us here, at a cross roads. Is it so out of fashion that it is time to start this old, tired and pointless blog back up? Maybe, lets start with a short update to see.

Since the last post circa 2015:

  • The van has been almost fully restored
  • Kate and I took a Grand Canyon road trip in the van.
  • We bought a house and moved to West Orange NJ
  • I still have the same job
  • Kate is still at Eileen Fisher
  • I’m still bald
  • We still have buttfuzz (the cat)
  • Had a van project Kickstarter fail called Campskills.

That about it, certainly some big things in there and many posts that will never be realized, but that’s alright. I kinda mirrors my life in a way. Things just got too busy for me to embrace them and so they tend to fade a bit.

Here are a couple of photos to prove it.