This weekend I witnessed a new chapter being written in modern history. A very very good friend to dport7 Brian Lauvray participated in the legendary Chip Inn chili cook off. You may ask, “Paul is this cook off sooooo prestigious it’s by invitation only?”. Possibly I didn’t get the details on that. That’s not what’s important in this story.
What’s important in this story is that a hometown boy built his way up the chili mount and conquered it with the positive intensity of a jungle cat. It’s the story of a unlikely chili loving underdog battling his was through adversity (possibly with a musical interlude) to make good on a dream. It’s a story of a guy that lives down the street from a local bar that’s having a chili cook off and decided to participate. And participate he did! All the way to second place. But I’ll tell you right now he came in first place in the hearts and minds of a little bar called the Chip Inn!
As you may be able to guess we had a pretty good time. Seriously congrats to Brian on bring home second place at his first chili cook off. And a great big thanks for letting me hang out and dog and double cat sit on the coldest weekend (of my lifetime) in Chicago.
Check out the pic below from my quick trip.