What a crazy trip!!! First off we all most got “snowed” by Snowicanne Memo. Our flight was suppose to leave Friday the 8th at 9pm and by Thursday at 2 it had already been cancelled. We didn’t let that get us down. We rallied hard and got rebooked for Saturday afternoon at 5. The pain of losing a day of vacation stings pretty bad. Especially when it’s a short trip to begin with.

Sunday had us up early looking for celebrities of which we saw none. So we set off for Pasadena and the Rose Bowl. There is a crazy flee market there once a month and even though I wasn’t in the market for any garbage I had fun just hanging out in the stadium with Kate Aaron and Alison. In an unbelievable turn if events best good friend of dport7 Brian Lauvrey happened to be in Santa Barbara and was oddly enough going to the very same flee market that day!!! He joined up with us and spent the rest of the day with us while his Santa Barbara friends shopped for furniture.

Monday we went to Venice which Kate and I loved, along with Santa Monica which felt a bit touristy. They are only about five minutes from each other. I’m still having a hard time with the geography of the area as neighborhoods changed quickly. In Santa Monica good friend of dport7 Josh Niegle of Hearts and Lazerbeams fame joined us for the afternoon. His klout is off the chain!

Tuesday our last day found us hiking up the Hollywood hills to the iconic Hollywood sign. It’s a pretty good hike walking all the way up and back but we did it. Although arguably the most touristy thing we could have done it was fun. I snapped some great pictures and got to see some great terrain.

That evening Kate and I met up with her good friend and former coworker Mandy who is always great to see. For dinner we met up with my old college friend Dan to hear a bit more about what living in LA is like.
It was a quick trip. Sadly no time for skateboarding but maybe next time. Check out the pictures!


So last night was the big snow for the season. Of course it was also the night we had a flight to LA. To make up for that super sadness our friend Billy did one of his patented garbage dives. Thanks man!! Hope the snow broke that fall! Listen in the background for Kate and Megan screaming like crazy people.

Well this was surly the highlight of my day. Below you can see a snowboard that features dport7’s very own Turbo. In a week filled with an insurmountable amount of work to finished before we leave for L.A. on Friday. My co-worker and dare I say friend Lu brightened things a bit by incorporated Turbo into her snowboard design. She had it printed and applied in the sign shop next to our office. (Who knew?)
You will now be able to see Turbo gliding down the side of ski runs all over the northern east coast! Well done!!