So I don’t know if you saw my post last week with the new space helmet theme, but i hated it. It just didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. Sometimes that happens and when it does you move on. So I did. I decided to do something that made a bit more sense for me. The cool thing about this one is I used Modo and a skeleton rig I built inside Turbo to pose him. He’s a bit tessellated but for my first test run at rigging up a posable character I can’t complain. I liked it so much in-fact that I made you (and mostly me) an iPhone background so you can take it with you. Click on the image below to get a full-size download. (for those of you not on iPhone (BLL) send me your resolution and I’ll send you one).

Yeah I dont know…. For some reason I thought I should put Turbo in a space helmet. I don’t think I really like it but I did it anyway. I’ll try to come up with a better idea sooner than later.

You know what is way better than my Turbo in space graphic? This fat old pug going up stairs. Enjoy!!!!!!!

funny gifs

Happy New Year everybody!!!
We had quite a time last night!!
We went to The Black And White Masked Ball over in Fortgreen. The best part of the night was our after party at No.7. We all put our party skills to the test and succeeded.

As always all the staff at dport7 wants to wish you all the best in 2013!!