The other day Jew was in town with this lady friend Katie NONO. I took some pictures. They were her and staying at the Ritz Carlton, Kate and I have never been there and don’t plan on staying there so it seemed like an appropeiate time to shoot some photos. Sadly I had the wrong lens with me so it was difficult to get it all in. #lessSchulman

In other news I’ve been trying to do a new look on the site. I hope you like it. I really wanted the two column design back.

Here we go with Christmas 2012!! Stay tuned to dport7 for all the Kate and Paul Chritmasing you can stand. I’ll be posting pics on this post till the 26th!!
Merry Christmas!

For Christmas buttFUZZ received a Christmas outfit. She’s too fat. So it no fit????????!!! Thank you to Kate’s parents for this amazingness!!

Man oh man I have fallen behind on my picture posting! Last night I had the strength to get some stuff uploaded and tagged. Below are two sets of shots. The first, some snaps from my time in Singapore and Bintan. The second, from my time with John in Boston for my birthday and the BC ND game. Enjoy!!

Boston Birthday 2012: