So I’ll say this….. I went to the Mermaid Parade last weekend……..
Although this is not about me, Oh no! This is about people I know and maybe people you know.
Our friend Sarah had her bachelorette party in/on/with said Mermaid Parade. Kate and friends are in the wedding thus they joined in on said festivities.
This includes dressing up like a Mermaid and walking through the streets and boardwalk of the famous (and disgusting) Coney Island. It’s really hard to put into words an experience like this so I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.
I will say this, all in all it was a good time and no one got hurt. And really isn’t that the best you can hope for? I think so!

This weekend was, (what I’m told) our now yearly family trip to Montauk. As always it was a lovely time. It’s a lot of siting on the beach and then moving to the pool. Kate and I love the sun so it makes for a good time. As some of you may know John (my brother) joined us this weekend and so we made it a 3 day trip to mark the occasion. My parents rented a condo in the “Surf Club”a lovely establishment. On Friday we made a go of an activity and tried to do some ocean fishing. Although we all were eager to participate almost immediately the sea sickness over came John, Kate, and I so the trip was called at the two hour mark. In that time we managed to catch some crazy big fish so it wasn’t a total loss. The other bonus is the the pictures we took make it look like a perfect super fun fishing day. Sadly Kate is not in these shots as she was feeling it almost instantly.
All in all a lovely time. Great big thanks to Mom and Dad for having us out to enjoy the beach with them! Stay tuned for 2013.

Last night Kate and I met her friends Jen and Wayne for dinner at Cookshop in Manhattan. As I walked up to greet Jen and Wayne, Mike D from the Beastie Boys walked into the restaurunt behind them. (This is going to sound crazy.) I’ve often thought about what I might do if one of the Beastie Boys just suddenly appeared in front of me in public. Although for all this thought I had no plan of how to deal with the situation so I froze. Freezing is a popular Paul Diehl stratagy. Although never effective it’s a coping mechanism that I have mastered. During dinner both Kate and I went to the bathroom just to double and triple check that I hadn’t made a error in my assessment. The topic came up a few times during the meal and I insisted that I wanted to just leave him alone and that it was just a treat to have seen one of my hero’s in person. After dinner Kate insisted that her and I stick around and wait for Mike to leave. This is where I really kinda started to freak out. Of course I wanted to meet Mike D but it felt too close to MCA’s passing. For some reason the idea of going up to him and gushing about what a huge fan I am seemed almost rude after the events of only a few weeks ago. Kate insisted that if we didn’t stay I would always regret it, and asked the bartender for a sharpie so Mike D could sign my (brand new) Mets hat.
After a drink I turned to see Mike D leaving with the group of folks he was eating with. I again froze. I just couldn’t do it. It seemed weird and I had no idea what to say. Then as I watched the opportunity slip away Kate grabbed my hat and the pen and walked outside and made it happen. She asked Mike D to sign the hat. She said he seemed really surprised almost taken off guard that someone would ask him to sign something. I remained frozen till Kate returned and handed me the hat.
At first I felt like the biggest turd in the world. I just let things pass by me. Although the more I think about it, it worked out for the best. I’m just to big of a fan. I could sit and think for years about what to say to those guys. Coming up with things I think are clever from every song they have ever had. It’s just too much to handle.
I am not wearing the hat this morning it sits in a place of honor in our apartment hanging respectfully on the antler of the Jackalope above the bar. There it will stay as a reminder of the time I saw Mike D and almost/did have a mental breakdown.