Day 4 and 5

We spent our last day in Napa at 1 last winery and the hot springs. The winery was called Chateau Montelena. There is a movie called “Bottle Shock” that is all about how the Chateau got started and it’s pretty good. We then moved on down the road to the famous Calistoga Hot Springs. Really it feels more like a hotel swimming pool but it was great to get some sun outside. We had dinner at Rutherford’s in Napa and I dare say it was the best meal of the trip. I had the Prime Rib but they are famous for their rack of ribs which is what everyone else had.

Kate and I stayed an extra day and walked around San Francisco. We hit all the tourist spots and somehow managed to walk down the worst street in the city. Eddy St. in the Tenderloin, don’t ask. We were able to meet up with our pal for NYC Ben and have dinner and a few drinks which was nice. Check out the pictures they say it better than I can.

Napa Day 3

So we really had to slow things down after day 2. Day 3 saw us only hitting one winery named Artesa. The wine at this place not so good but the views were cray. You’ll see in the pictures this place was built on top of a hill and you could see beautiful views all around. We then went to lunch or brunch at some crazy fancy French place ( please tell no one I went to a French restaurant). Kate took some great food pics check them out. We ended the day with some hangout time here at the little yellow house. We grilled out some fajitas for dinner.

Napa Day 2

Yesterday was pretty intense. We hired a car to take us around so we wouldn’t endanger the locals with wine driving. We ended up making it to 5 wineries Inglenook, Cakebread, Elisabeth Spencer, Mumm, James Cole. I think our favorites were Elisabeth Spencer and James Cole. We ended up struggling through dinner at FARM I was only able to snap one shot. I had the duck and everyone else had the rezoto. Check out the pictures below we had enough fun in one day for a whole week.

Hey everyone! So we are in Napa with Aaron and Alison Shurts. I”ll be posting pictures are we co so check back for updates. We just just here yesterday so not to much to report. We hired a car for a wine tour today so get excited.

This is going to seem kinda sad. Yes for the second week in a row I’m posting about our cat. Please feel free to do any and all hurtful name calling in the comments below. I’ll try to justify it. Kate’s still not quite over her cold yet so we are taking things easy. The weather pulled a fast one on us and decided to be both cold and rainy. To be honest I just haven’t had an idea for things to do fearing the wrath of sickness that seems to see looming with so many people at work sick along with Kate.

Anyway we got buttFUZZ a harness. I know what your thinking “why!?”. Well that is a valid question.
1. We were board. Siting inside all weekend feeling poopy can really take it’s toll.
2. Wouldn’t it be great to take the little guy outside once and a while. She is stuck inside all the time. Some fresh air would do her some good. Even if it was just our roof top.

It was a tough transition to say the least. There was a lot of walking backwards and general freak out. It’s been a couple of hours now and she has seemingly gotten used to it for the most part. Although it has throw off her equilibrium a bit. Not as graceful of a jumper if you get what I’m saying.