I start by saying your welcome…….. and I’m sorry. I know there is way too much buttFUZZ around here………
The thing is:
1. she’s crazy photogenic.
2. she’s got far too may qwerks and wackiness to go undocumented.

Todays qwerk is about oranges. Fuzz is fascinated by them while being completely repulsed at the same time.
As always enjoy.

As most of you know I spend most of my days like a turd sitting at my desk whirling thinks around in 3D. Today just to make me feel more like a turd I found this video. It’s supposedly the larges rope swing in the world. This would be amazing! Who’s in? Let’s go!
I have to apologize for the crap music under this video. Just turn it down the video is great!

Aright, so we are in the winter months and we all know what that means………. Excitement is at a premium. The amount of awesome is on hold until at least April or so. That said, I know you are all clambering for more dport7 so I’ve found a little gem for you. Wes Anderson has a new movie coming out and I just recently heard about it. The movie is called Moonrise Kingdom and it seems to be about a little boy and girl that run away together from summer camp. It seems to be in the style of the Wes Anderson movies we all liked (Rushmore, Bottle Rocket, and The Royal Tenenbaums). The cast looks great, along with the brilliant staple of Bill Murray, we also get Tilda Swinton who is odd and amazing among may others. It looks as if it’s slated to come out the second half of May so we all have a bright spot to look forward to. BTW my favorite part of the trailer is the “Shawshank Redemption” joke in the tent scene.
Enjoy the trailer I did.

I found this amazing video today that shows what goes into making handmade Louis Vuitton men’s shoes. Two things really impressed me about this video. 1: The number of stitching and pattern machines that go into making these things. 2: The amount of perfect hand work that goes into the shoe. Watch for the person that’s staining or gluing on the soul of the shoe. It would be sooooo easy to eff up the leather body by touching in the wrong place. Amazing…. This is why things cost so much. enjoy!

I saw a picture of this thing the other day and thought “uh another campfire thing, whatever….”. Today I took another look, went to the site, watched the video and was super impressed. First off the BioLite uses the heat from the little fire to (I believe channel the hot air into a little turbine) create electricity to power or charge a phone or anything else. The other part of the video that I found inspiring was the home stove they have created for emerging countries. It allows them not only electricity from their cooking fires but a safer way to burn those fires indoors. Watch the video below its pretty cool.

I also realized, now that I’ve become such a prolific camper. (see two post prior) I may need to invest in such a campstove just for fun.

So on Sunday for no reason at all I decided that dport7 needed a little freshening up. As you might have noticed I went out and got us a brand new theme. It always takes a little while to make a new theme your own but I’m well on my way. I know it’s been a little while since I posted. I thought this might be a good thing to do in the mean time till something exciting happens for me to talk about. The only thing I can’t decide on is the lack of a side column to display my tweets and what not. Although it looks much cleaner with this single column. Watch for changes I’m hoping to keep on this. I can’t decide on a background to save my life.