So tomorrow is New Year’s Eve…. I suppose there’s something to be said for this year…. Although why be nostalgic when it’s gone. Nothing we can do about it good or bad.

2012 could be a buster. We just got the information from our Land Lord that the building is being turned into condos. No need for concern we don’t get evicted if we don’t buy. Although we do get an insider price if we do. This could be a to do!

In other news I’ve been working on a baby elephant character at the request of me cousin Krissy. She asked for an image that is jungle themed to hang in her soon to be new baby’s room. I’m finalizing the rendering as I type this. I found this motion gif and it made me wish even more that I could animate. I love this thing.

Have a Save and Fun New Year’s. We will be in Suprise NY if you need us. Pictures will follow!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!! Kate, Brian and I are here in beautiful Denver Colorado at the Rybicki’s. We have had a lovely holiday with Christmas Eve dinner at the Brown Palace which is a lovely old Hotel in downtown Denver. Christmas morning was beautiful with presents for everyone and a Jets hat for me!!! Along with that belt buckle I found in Asheville that I loved so much. I got Kate tickets to see “Anything Goes” and she also got a juicer that she wanted so badly. We got Joe and Mary an Apple TV so that they can enjoy the Netflix on their new Samsung TV. Brian got a flannel shirt from Ralph Lauren signed by Ralph himself. All in all a great time! Watch for more photos as we go!!

Well, it’s the week before Christmas everyone, and as always we are just too busy to be excited about it. Kate is fresh off Jury Duty, so work is a bit chaotic. I’ve been pretty busy all month and just kinda want the year to be over so we can start making our way to spring time.
In honor of the holidays my office had a Christmas party, and at that party there was a photo booth. Not wanting to hog camera time Kate and I only took one picture and chose to channel the Boss (Bruce Springsteen) from the album Born In The USA. Kate and I didn’t spend much time at the party as we had a concert to go to. We saw the National at Beacon theater.
Long story short as we do not send out Christmas Cards please enjoy this rock inspired holiday photo.

So I’m a proud survivor of my second Jets game. Now, I know what you’re thinking “Paul you don’t know anything about football, hell you don’t even like football”. Your right I don’t, but with my new found gang of Jets fans I’ve changed my tune. Plus I got Kate to come to this game. Full disclosure Kate complained about going to the game all week. “It will be too cold” she said. “I don’t like sports” she said. Well her tune is changed as well, she had a great time. Dport7 want’s to give a huge thanks to Billy for being in a sense our Jets sponsor of sorts. The thing is that after going to college with no football team we never really got use to the early morning party that is tailgating. This really kick our asses and we have just recovered it now being Tuesday. We may not be able to handle another till next season but all and all we’d do it again!!!

So today for the first time in 3 1/2 years I went skateboarding. It all started last weekend during Big John Diehl’s visit to NYC. We went down to Chelsea Piers and while we were there we walked past the skatepark. My mind was blown. It’s a all cement skatepark. Built California style to flow and snake. Be it that I’ve never been to such a skatepark and my current status as a “jogger” makes me feel old. I decided I must go.
It was amazing. First off I can still ride and pop a few tricks. I’ve lost a bit of my skills pushing through the transitions but that’s leaning a new park. I got there at about 9:20am and for the most part it was empty. Then about 10 it started to fill up. It was a beautiful day so people were out. I hope I can make it again soon.

Tonight our favorite jew, Jew Schuman called to wish me and the staff a Merry Christmas and left this message. The odd thing (and this may be because he’s Jewish) is that he sang “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” but replaced many of the songs iconic lyrics with the word buttFUZZ. The dport7 staff has sent our other Washington correspondents to check on the jew. Keep your finger crossed…. Or if you can form the Star of David with your fingers that might help him more.