This is where pictures from thanksgiving 2011 are enjoy. Happy thanksgiving to you!

It’s Sunday we are on our way back. So incredibly sad to have to leave. We had a great time and really miss everyone. I think this picture sums things up.

Good friend of dport7 Brian Louis Lauvray is in Turkey for Turkey day. Check out his blog about it with all the pictures. Magical

It’s 5am and as always if it’s that early Kate and I are at La Guardia. We are on our way to Asheville NC for what has been deemed the thanksgivingpaloza, or maybe thanksgivingacolypse, Turkygate, or Turkeytussel. Anyway it has the makings of an epic time. On this trip is Me, Kate, Martin(host), Jenn Norwood, Joe Sanders,and Danielle Sanders. Kate and I have been looking forward to this for months. Kate is making a pie, turkey, caserols, and what not.

As promised in the last post, let’s catch up. Last weekend Ian, Pink, and Adinda came to NYC on their way to WI for the Holiday. I’m not sure but they may win the award for most miles ever traveled to be at Thanksgiving.
We got to spend a little time with them while they stopped over in NYC for 2 days. As you know when a baby is around pictures are taken. And no matter what you may think of me, not even I can resist taking a few shots. Enjoy the pic. The whole fam seemed happy and health.
oh and happy thanksgiving if I don’t see you!!!

So after what I might call the most stressful birthday of my life (work). I met up with Kate, Megan, and Chris for a quick Birthday drink and dinner at Essex. Then as I mentioned in my last post. Saturday was a joined super gay Birthday event. Megan, Sarah, Kate, Billy and I went to Long Island to Hot Skates for some fun that time forgot called roller skating. As you might expect there were some weird dudes hanging out at the roller rink. Along with a ton of kids. I’m pretty sure there may have been about 35 birthday party’s in progress. I felt like a weirdo creeper just being there. I would have taken more pictures but every time I took out my camera or phone the Hot Skates police (much like public pool lifeguards) came and took me down. There was also Neal HotSkate (owner of HotSkate) standing on the sidelines in a red sweater and a black turtle neck just yelling down happiness whenever possible.

We all then went to Benihana’s and I made you a dport7 video so you could share in the fun. Although I’m guessing you’ve been and may or may not have specific feeling about it. My advice is to embrace it and have the time of your life.

So today I turn 31…….. Can’t say I have feelings about it either way. I’m feeling a pretty solid meh. The word is that tomorrow a few of us are headed out to Long Island to go roller skating at this place called Hot Skate. Then to Benihana. Megan’s birthday is next week so we a doing this joined gayest birthday ever celebration.
Unlike previous years I don’t have any plans to go out and try to get crazy tonight. Maybe instead you could have a drink for me were ever your at. Around 8 pm or so, and tweet it to me. Let’s make this easy!

So this weekend was the NYC marathon. Kate and I went over to 4th ave to check it out. It’s about the 8 mile marker of the race so people should still be pretty fresh considering they still have 18 miles to go. Turns out that is not true. To be fair we got over there kinda late so we most likely saw the second half of the race, but people were hurting. I took some pictures of stupid people in costumes. I find this to be the single dumbest thing you could do in a race like this. For the love of God people isn’t this hard enough already?!!!! Anyway enjoy.
We are still recovering from our sickness so this all I got for you.

So it’s been a tough week. Kate and I have had the sickness that is ravaging NYC. My entire office is sick. They’ve been dropping like flies all week.

Anyway last Sunday Kate and I had to fix the sink because after a month or so of ignoring the fact that it was taking longer and longer to drain it stopped all together. Now I know how much you love when I make boring videos. I was sure to get this one on tape for you. Remember that video I did of that guy drilling out the lock on our door? That was boring BTW this was another video shot, edited, and posted all on the phone. I love this thing! Totally edited this on my way home on the subway. Enjoy!