So last night Kate and I went to see Wilco at summer stage in central park. The most impressive thing is how much the lead singer Jeff Tweedy sounds like the album. Its as if they record their album and never touch it in post. Just amazing. The only thing I found a bit off putting was that most of the songs ended on a full out jam session. Now don’t get me wrong its good but sometimes songs need to just end.
We really had a great time.
It was kinda funny we were standing next to some friends and had no idea until she got up on her husbands shoulders to not only see but rock. Crazy!
I can’t help myself I took a little video for you so you can see what it was like.

Kind of a lot happening this weekend. We went to Beacon NY to check out the Art Museum DIA. Funny story none of us really like art museums. As always it was filled this kinda off putting art that only the true modern art douche bags can defend. We did our best to see the entire place. The space was amazing, an old factory with wood floors massive amounts of space really nice. After the museum we walked into town and saw some stores and went to lunch. All in all a pretty nice day away from the city. Enjoy the pictures

Sunday was the Jets game. Billy and his Jets Army were nice enough to invite me to the game and to take part in all the pregame goings on. The Jets took down the Jaguars pretty easily so it made for a pretty happy group. I’m pretty sure I met like 50 people but can’t hardly remember anything. I think you’ll be able to tell from the pictures it was a pretty full day of party. Before Sunday I had no football allegiance what so ever. Now I’ve emerged a Jets fan. J….E….T…S jets jets jets….. why not.

Incase you missed this and I don’t know how you could. Nike actually made the Back To The Future II shoes that Michael J. Fox wears in 2015. What makes these so awesome? They glow for one. More importantly they have POWER LACES!!!! I talked to Big John last night and we both agreed this was indeed a dream come true. Of course there is a downside. It a limited edition shoe. They are being auctioned on ebay and they are going for no less that $2000. Balls! The good news about the auction is that the proceeds are going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Check out the videos and live the dream. It’s cool

Hey so I put all the little video snippets from our trip. Check it out!!! Oh and yes we are back from Singapore. Jet lagged as hell, and fighting through the day the best we can!!! Btw I realize the song is about Hong Kong but I couldn’t help it. I love it. Btw2 click the HD button in the lower right of the movie window. I know it takes longer to load but it’s worth it.

Singapore: Day 4:
So after some strong suggestions Kate and I made our way to the Singapore Zoo. Let me just come right out and say this! The Singapore Zoo is completely amazing. Why you ask? Well, you know how when you go to the zoo and all the animals are hiding in the back of their habitats? Well not here pal! Check out some of the pictures. I have incredibly closeup pictures and video of lions, cheetahs, and yes of-course monkeys.
So many monkeys in fact that Kate was able to get over here monkey hate from Bali. One in particular was the Capuchin. This little guy posted below was the best. I’m pretty sure he wanted to come home with us. He stood on this limb and made little chirping noises at us. Then as we walked along the cage he’d follow us….. guess you had to be there.

We met up with everyone at the office later in the day for dinner. Although I had my camera sadly I was sooooooo tired from the Zoo and trying to stay on Singapore time I was falling asleep at the table. Hence I totally difft it and didn’t get shots with everyone. poo.

Singapore: Day 5:
This being our last day there was no way we were about to slow down. We visited the Singapore Botanical Gardens which Ian and Pink live across the street from. They have a unique Orchid Garden so as you may imagine good for pictures. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

We then went to the biggest most ridiculous structure I’ve ever seen. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino. I can’t even describe how large this place is. The first thing you see is the three towers that hold up a boat looking structure called the Sky Park. You can buy a ticket and go to the top. There is a pool for guest only, but a good half of the deck is open for tourists to explore the view. It was incredible to be up there. Great unobstructed views that rendered us speechless. We found a bar up there on the Sky Park and had a little lunch and a drink. Totally worth the ticket.
There is another HUGE building that sits in front of the towers that is a the mall and casino. The spiky building your seeing in the pictures is an art museum. All the countless other construction I have no idea but it looks as if things are going well for Singapore.

We ended our trip with dinner near Pink and Ian’s place. We have to give one more gigantic THANK YOU!!!! to the Swanson’s for helping to make this trip so exceptional. We never would have experienced a 1/16th of what we did without them. Along with getting to meet little baby Adinda and see how well our old friend’s new family is doing. They all seem so happy and Kate and I couldn’t be happier for them. Hooray Swanson’s of Singapore!!!!

Bali day 2
You would think after my last post that maybe Bali couldn’t hold up for another day. Well you’d be wrong.
For lunch we went to this place called the Dirty Duck. I know what your thinking and Kate and I were thinking it to. Turns out the Dirty Duck is this huge beautiful restaurant that sits on a rice patty. It’s really indescribable. The food was good Ian and I got the Duck and the ladies got a seafood dish. I would totally recommend this place just based on its decor alone.

Listen I know I’m posting a lot of Monkey pictures but it was really fun to be up close to these little guys. We went to the Monkey Forest a jungle park where the monkeys hang out and tourists walk through with little bananas and feed them. The thing you have to understand is that monkeys are smart. They understand how the situation should go. Human have bananas and monkey take bananas. It’s important that you show the monkey you don’t have any bananas. Which means keep your hands out of your bags and pockets. Kate learned this the hard way. She reach in her bag and a little baby monkey came running at her. This was the beginning of the end for Kate. Even though the monkey understood from her screaming there were no bananas here, she was shaken up

After the monkey forest we went to the shops and markets. Apparently the market was the same one featured in “Eat Pray Love”. Kate turned out to be quite the bargainer in the market playing hardball with the locals and truly making America proud.

At end the day Ian and Pink took us to the most amazing beach bar/pavilion I’ve ever dreamed of. It’s called Potato Head (don’t let the name fool you) it is hands down the best designed place I’ve ever been. Everything about the place was cool. The furniture the bar the pool the restaurant the pillows on the couches. The attention to detail was like something I’ve never seen. What made it even more amazing, for being the coolest place on earth it felt completely comfortable. You weren’t worried about how cool you looked or if you belonged there or not. The best vibe ever.
If your going to go to Bali go with some one like Pink and Ian. Not only did they have a baby to take care of, they took great care of us. I really don’t think we can ever thank them enough.

Day 3:Singapore
We flew back from Bali in the morning and got back to Singapore around noon. Had a little lunch and took a quick nap. Then Kate and I walked down Orchard street in Singapore where all the main high end malls are. Singapore is known for it shopping as well as it’s lack of culture. They’ve turned the island in to a shopping mall pack with every American, European, and Asian super brand that exists. I think if we didn’t already have that in NYC it might have been more compelling but we kinda found it off putting. We walked the length of Orchard St. to end up at the Nice Ltd offices. One word WOW! I’ll stop there as I don’t like to involve work in the blog. It was great to see a lot of friends there that used to be in the NYC office. It was the end of the day so things were slowing down but the vibe seemed really good. I only got a few pictures sadly.
We then went for dinner in the River Side Point area. The autumn festival is going on so that’s what all the funny pictures of the big papers figures are. It was beautiful everything all lite up. For dinner we wet to a seafood restraunt and had Chile Crab apparently a Singapore must have.

Let me just start out by saying this is the most amazing trip we’ve ever been on. I’m sitting in our villa accomidationis in Bali typing this out. As you can see in the pictures there are two rooms on either end of a outdoor living space. There is a reflecting pool to sit by and dip in as well.
Ian, Pink, and Adinda took us to a Monkey temple where unlike a zoo we were able to get up close to the monkeys and take great pictures. The temple is only still partially in use from what I could tell. I had to wear a sarong because my shorts where to short and may offend the gods. There where beautiful views of the cliff sheer coast. And we even got to see some monkey sex.
We then went to a private beach were we had to take a little cart down the side of the cliff to get there. Seeing this was a unique situation. So we rented one of the beautiful cabanas for the afternoon. In an odd twist the ocean water wasn’t warm on this side of the island even with out location only being a stones throw from the equator.
After a lovely after noon we went to the most amazing resort complex I’ve ever seen. They have a place called the Rock Bar that is right on the water. Everything was completely amazing.

However I will say this. If you planning on visiting Bali driving is crazy. See picture of father ridding scooter with two daughters tied to him. Wow.

So we made it to Singapore at around 6:30am. I have to be honest I’m so tired right now I feel like my head is in a cloud. Ian came to pick us up at the airport. The flight was super smooth, but unbelievably long. We are tring to stay up because in a few hours we head back to the airport to fly to Bali. That’s about a 2 hour flight. We are game day players. We walked around the botanical gardens this morning and the only picture I could muster is below. Ian took it he said the waterfall made us look youthful…. that’s a lie.
Watch for Bali pics tomorrow.

If your like me you love Michael Caine. In that case you will love this video. Two guys talking about their Michael Caine impressions. Both of them are really good. For some reason this makes me laugh like a crazy man. I hope it does the same for you!

Oh BTW we leave for Singapore tonight so expect lots and lots of pictures and posts over the next week!!!!