I don’t know about you but I wish I could animate Turbo doing some dance moves. Until I can learn some 3D animation our good friend Joanis has made this for us. Please enjoy, I know I did!!!! For those of you unfamiliar that’s a little beastie boys in that background just to make it official!!

So we expected to wake up all night to gusting winds and thunder storms. In actual fact it was just a bit of rain. I woke up about 3am and took a look outside and it was calm. Then this morning the same thing. In the last 30 minutes or so it become a bit windier.
We sent the dport7 news crew to the roof to survey the damage. It was pretty uneventful.

I know this is going to sound ungrateful but after all this news coverage and all this hype, Kate and I feel a bit let down to have so much of nothing happen. Don’t get me wrong we are glad nothing disastrous happend but after 2 days of crazy media build up we don’t know what to do with ourselves now. I don’t know.

So just in case you’ve been totally cut off from the news I need to make you aware of something……. There is (as you read this) an apocalyptic size hurricane headed for us here in NYC. Are we going to be ok? you ask. Yes Kate I and the cat are on the top of the slope in Park Slope and with last years Micro Burst/Tornado in our neighborhood most of the weak trees have been knocked down already. This doesn’t mean we are ill prepared. Bottles of water will be bought and extra supplies are being horded. ButtFUZZ hates the storms so I have reassured her that nothing will happen. Although I must admit I’m looking forward to her little gray freakout.

With all this talk about how powerful this storm is going to be and all the whipping up the media is doing. I thought I’d give you a few tools you could use.
1. Check out this great map the NYTimes put up. You can track the storm in real time. You’ll be able to see it hit us in Brooklyn.
2. Last time we had a Hurricane of note in NYC was 1938. This podcast I listen to called “The Story” interviews a women that was caught in the storm out in the bay in Amagansett.

I will be live tweeting the entire storm so you can check back here on the right side of the page under Sweet Tweets to stay up to date on how the whole thing is going down.
Good Luck East Cost!!!!

So I’m not a fan of rally racing or drifting of any of that stuff but this was incredible. I don’t even know where this would fall in a driving or racing category but I like it. Trust me, get past the opening sequence of this video and the insanity of this guy’s driving will delight you. Plus it looks as if it’s filmed in a movie studio back lot so the surrounding make this even more impressive.

I feel as if I need to record this are it is my first experience with the natural event that is the almighty EARTHQUAKE. Today at about 2:03pm I was sitting at our office lunch table with a group of coworkers and all of the sudden the table started to shake back and forth as if someone was pushing it with their foot. This was strange because the table is connected to the countertop and is also bolted into the cement floors. After a moment someone asked who was doing that and then we started to feel that same movement in the stools we were siting in. That’s when we all screamed “earthquake?” in a sort of incredulous bark. After getting up from the table and walking into the office I could see the track on the ceiling that holds up a dividing curtain swaying as if someone had jumped up and hit it. This is when the fact that I had really experienced my first earthquake sunk in. In that moment a low rumble of freak out came over me. Although it wasn’t a large enough quake to cause any real damage it was enough to give me a strange feeling of powerlessness. One of which it became clear how little control you have over random events of nature.
For more information on this 5.8 whopper check out the NY Times.

So the other day I drew a picture of a whale with a horn. Kate told me there was such an animal I did not believe it but it’s true. The Narwhal is indeed real and the horn is infact a bone. I like to think that maybe it’s a tooth. I made Turbo a new friend named Nutsy the Narwhal. I’ve also made you a downloadable iPhone wallpaper so you can take Nutsy with you everywhere you go. Enjoy the wallpaper and the new banner. Oh and don’t forget about turbo I reposted his iPhone background for you as well.

click for full size download

Well in truth it’s about time. Yep in just a matter of days I will be deleting my account on the Facebook. In short I’ve just had it with that noise. I started dport7 in 2004 as a way to document my life and stay in-touch with friends. I’ve been able to post all kinds of content and experiences. The Facebooks is full of a bunch of stuff I don’t need or even want. I’m confident I will not be missed. I’m also confident I won’t miss the relentless “what I had for lunch” updates. The “I can’t believe that just happened” comment bait. The “so and so just became friends with so and so” alerts. I’m out! Don’t be afraid to join me. Free yourself from the Facebook app on your phone and the worthless information it peddles.
I will remain on twitter and instagram because I need to get my Jen Norwood and Brian Lauvray fix from somewhere.
::::UPDATE:::: as of tonight I’m no more on the facebooks. “I barely new her”.


In an effort to keep things fresh here on the site I’ve added a new page called instagrams. You’ll see it up in the menu placed on the right. Instagram is an picture app on the iPhone that both Kate and I have gotten into. I’ve set up the phone so it will send the pics it take here to instagram’s page. I encourage you to check it out and enjoy. It’s more of an everyday picture station rather than just pictures from events, or big trips.

Last night Kate and I went to a Terrarium workshop in (wait for it) Greenpoint Brooklyn. I know this may surprise you but it was pretty fun. It was only about an hour long and they had all the supplies neatly organized for us and no one was over bearing as so often are in these situations. This all started because as you may know Kate got a hand blown Terrarium for her birthday and she wanted to get a little starter course on what it’s all about. Apparently they are pretty low maintinance so I’m taking mine to work to try and brighten up my industrially sad desk. Check out our creations below.
Check out the workshop as well TWIG

Kate’s Terrarium

Paul’s Terrarium

What a huge weekend!!!! My brother Dr. John Diehl threw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field in Chicago home to the Chicago Cubs.
Kate and I had quite a whorl wind weekend spending Friday in the IL country side visiting Kate’s family. Then heading back into the city on Saturday morning to drop off our rental car and stash our stuff at Brian Lauvray’s house. Then run to Wrigley Field. We got there in plenty of time and got to go down on the field with everyone before the pitch. Then with the help of the crazy telephoto lens I borrowed from Billy was able to get some great close up shots of John living the dream.
After the game we met at the Cubby Bear across the street for some hangout time. It was great to get to see and meet everyone.
Then Kate and I head back to Brian’s place to visit and crash!!!
Big thanks and congratulations to JOHN!!!!!!!!!! We had the BEST time EVER!