Well faithful another SSP has come and gone. Thanks to everyone who made it out. Hot Bird was a great place to have it this year. A bit less parading around in Short Shorts is always good. For those of you that missed it you have truly screwed yourself on this one. To our friend Jenn, you had half to attendees thinking you were going to be there. Well done it made me laugh. Check out the pics hopefully I’ll have some more to post soon.

I don’t know if any of you have been following the turbo cast tab here on the site but Jon has been making consistent progress. Turns out all that hard work payed off and now he’s in full Turbo production. Check out the pic below of the first of many urethane Turbos. The entire staff thanks Jon for his meticulous attention to detail and we can’t wait to see them. Also as promised all of you that sent in designs for the stickNtweet program will be receiving your very own Turbo just as soon as we can get them out to you. No Turbo is not standing on a tree stump. Thats where the material is poured in. Jon assures me that will be removed be for we send these out to you.
Also don’t for get to rsvp for the Short Shorts party this Saturday, July 23! Click here it get on the invite.

This is it everyone! SSP 2011 is here! Just try to contain your excitement! This year we are having the party at a bar in Brooklyn called Hot Bird on July 23rd. It’s not far from our place just off Atlantic. They have an amazing out door space with picnic tables and plenty of room for a fun time party like SSP. I sure hope you all can make it. As always it’s one of the biggest parties of the summer so your a fool to miss it. Just in case the invite went to your junk mail check out the link below. If I forgot your email or got it wrong don’t worry your invited don’t be silly. Send me an email I’ll put you on the list.

So as you’ve read we are in Puerto Rico for Kathy’s wedding. I’ve been walking around hanging out with the locals taking pictures for you. Check things out.
We are at the airport (our personal gitmo) and I’m trying to get some more of the pictures uploaded. The wedding was lovely, Kate looked amazing in her maroon bridesmaid dress as expected. I don’t want to say Kate and I brought the party but Kate brought out some of her signature running and flailing dance moves. She also had to verbally reprimand the DJ for being a douche (3 times).
Yesterday we had some time to go into Old San Juan and walk around. We found a fort and got in 20min before it closed. It was kind of amazing I posted a few pics below.
We are happy to be headed back home. ButtFUZZ claims she doesn’t remember what we look like anymore.