So as I type this it’s 5 in the am and we are here at JFK international airport waiting at the gate. On our way to San Juan Puerto Rico for Kate’s high school friend Kathy’s wedding. Both her and her soon to be husband are Dr. in chemistry, so we should have plenty to talk about. I once saw on CNBC how to make meth so maybe I’ll drop that knowledge. Although I think they left out some key parts.


Well everyone I finally found a reason to visit Poland. In the city of Poznan, Poland, where 11,000 lanterns took the skies like a swarm of glowing jellyfishes, pushed into the air by the flames burning inside their nimble bodies. I’m sure the U.S. would pass laws banning such careless fire balls but Poland in their fearless defiance of wildfires made this awesome!! Enjoy! I wish I could participate but me no speak the polish.

In other news my cousin Krissy is preggers! The entire dport7 staff wish a hearty congratulations, and all the best!

So this weekend we are in Baltimore for the race. So far so good.
7:51am: still waiting to start. Swimmers start at 8:20.
All the teams did great! I had a personal best over last year. No walking (which was sad last year) ran that hell hill course in 30min flat!
::::update:::: my official time is in!!! That right I ran it in 29:42!!!!!!

On the way home we stopped at the Bmore art museum. Kate picked me up this little robot. It can walk.

I just saw this walking to work this morning. If this was on amazon it would be on my amazon wish list. I want one. Although my guess is that I might look like a turd on this little bike.



So last night we yet again broke out the poncho’s for a concert. Much like All Points West of 2008 Kate Megan and I stood in the rain and did our best (well kate tried a lot harder than Megan and I) to have a good time. We saw the Decemberists at the band shell in Prospect Park. I, in a move that could only be called stupid took the B Train to Parkside and walked across the entire park in the rain no umbrella. Kate and Megan got to the show early and tried to set up camp but the rain was a bit to persistent. I snapped a few pictures for documentary sake.
BTW, We got another screen printed rock poster with date and venue to add to our collection so thats cool.

We are in Montauk this weekend with the family. We are at the beach the light house and what not. The good news is there is Coors Original out here so we’re all having a good time. Well at least I am.
I’ll continue to take and post pictures so enjoy!

Well, this is a big one everyone! Great friend of the site Ian Swanson and Pink Swanson had their baby!! Adinda Penelope Swanson. Born June 8th 2011 around 8am, Weight : 2.75kg, Length : 50cm. Everyone here at dport7 wishes them the very best. So far all we have is this shot of Ian holding the baby more to follow I’ve been told.


This past weekend found us in Baltimore for the yearly triathlon training trip. Most of you know that I indeed HATE driving down to Baltimore. Not because it’s a place I dislike, but because the NJ turnpike is garbage and previously we have sat in traffic for hours upon hours. I would like to say this was no exception (in my best Charles Grodin voice). Although not as bad we got stuck on an on ramp for an hour at midnight.
Besides the driving though the trip this year was phenomenal. This was the 3rd time I’d run the course and for the first time I had success. I ran all the hills and what not in the same 30min I run Prospect Park. I realize that isn’t fast but after last year it’s a win. Kate and Sarah had an equally encouraging time on the bike course. Sadly Megan and Chris were unable to do the swim with the water still being pretty cold. All in all we feel good about the race at the end of the month.
After the training we headed to Chris’s family estate for a cool down of sorts. Hung out by the pool had a few drinks and a bonfire. A huge thanks goes out to him and his parents!!!
Enjoy the pics.

Well, I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I know I did. I went Camping with Billy and Victor. Getting back to my roots by living in the woods (for a night). I have to be honest with you I’ve forgotten how unbelievably dark it gets at night in the middle of nowhere. We were up in the Adirondacks hiking and swimming. It’ was great, I needed to get out in the country every couple of years just to remember that it’s there. Enjoy the pictures.
BTW The dude with the bloody leg was not one of us it was a kid at the camp next to ours. He caught himself in the leg with a hatchet. It was amazing. Didn’t even look real.