In what many have labeled a “dick move” the editors at dport7 have failed to mention Otter Control a new tumblr blog by our faithful friend Brian Lauvray. As many of you know our last post plugged the new tumblr from Kate buttFUZZ a Day and tragically omitted any mention of our other favorite tumblr blog Otter Control. So, Please visit this whimsical photo blog about Otters being “otter control”, you won’t be sorry you did. Click photo below to visit!

In other news: PUT UP THOSE STICKERS I SENT YOU. I’ve sent out many envelops full of stickers and haven’t seen the return on investment I was promised. If you have your don’t be a wienie put them in public spaces and take a effing picture. If your worried about getting in trouble…… grow a pair! (that last part was meant as encouraging tough love) Not to be taken for granted thank you John, Jew, and Krissy. As well as Mike in Chicago who I met last weekend.

If I know you, you’re totally looking for a new tumblr blog to follow. More specifically a tumblr blog run by Kate where she puts up daily images of everyone’s favorite cat buttFUZZ. Yeah for you buttFUZZ haters out there this is ganna be a hard pill to swallow. The rest of you are bout to have the best internet experience of your life. Enjoy the pictures and just be happy you don’t have to live with the cat devil that is buttFUZZ! Your probably thinking, “Paul, do not get my hopes up! Kate’s started blogs in the past and after a few months game over!”. This is a bit different Kate is able to run the entire thing from her iPhone. From taking the picture to posting it’s all done with almost 0 effort. She already taking tons of buttFUZZ shots so why not share them with the world.
Click on the link below to make this happen!

First off I would just like to thank the dport7 faithful for the overwhelming support on the new stickNtweet initiative that has been sweeping NYC, Aruba, and parts of Florida. I know there are many more of you awaiting your stickers in the mail (Brian & Jenn) and they will be sent out this week. We have 1000 dport7 stickers to put up and I need more cities to make this a success. So if your out there in internet land wishing you could help, shoot me an email with you address and we will get some of these out to you! All I need is you name and address and your word that you will tweet a few of your sticks to @dport7 on twitter. So email me and let do this!

Hello everyone! We are back from Aruba and may I say I feel as if it lives up the hype. We all had far too much sun, a couple too many beers, and well one of us the perfect amount of time in the casino. The dport7 family is happy to welcome our new friends Nate and Tori. Introduced by Double A Ron and Alison. Big John proved again that he is a casino King. As well as being the only one of us to do a beach activity. The fearless John went parasailing check out the photos below. In another John initiative Aaron and I joined him on 9 holes of golf where we did our best to be embarrassing.

I wanted to post our last dinner group shot from the beach cabana . They set up a restaurant on the beach and i really was a amazing. One of several great place we ate. Just as a heads up if you go to Aruba and want a steak check out El Gaucho it comes highly recommended. My only advice is to order you stake a level rarer than normal they have a tendency to slightly over cook things. Right Double A Ron?

Everyone this is huge!!!! On friday (just one day away) Kate and I along with a pack of winter worn brethren will board a jet plane for the warm welcoming country of Aruba!!!!!! Were is Aruba you ask? Well it’s just above Venezuela in South America. It is in the stunningly light blue waters of the Caribbean near the glowing warm sun of the equator. As you know the winter has been anything but kinda and this blogger is showing the signs of a haggard winter troll. What are the signs of a haggard winter troll you ask?

  • A constant untamable irritability.
  • Pale white skin, normally only achieved by being trapped in a mine for several years.
  • An empty soulless stair that results in people moving away from you on the subway.
  • Nearly continuous winter illness. Be it cold or flu or a new thing Kate and I developed called Flold ®.

I could go on but I think you got it. I’ll set up an Aruba album in flickrs so check it out from time to time!

Also look for the great dport7 stick ‘n tweet as we start our sticker assault on the world!!!

So as you may have heard Kate and I adopted a cat a few years ago that has Charlie Sheen tiger blood running through it’s veins. The crap this cat pulls makes wild apes look like droopy eyed armless children. She smokes 7 gram rocks a day because, well that’s how she rolls. Needless to say this causes trouble for us around the apt. Last Sunday buttFUZ was involved in the shattering of Kate’s iPhone. This was in the truest sense a disaster. Kate was crushed, buttFUZZ was banished and I was left to pick up the pieces. So it turns out you can order iPhone parts off the internet at this great site called Direct Fix It. They have parts for everything, front panels, back panels ipods, cables, tons of stuff. Long story short we ordered the part and I video taped us changing it out. Nerds enjoy.