Hey everyone. So this weekend I was reading some photo blogs sent to me by friend of the blog Jay. They suggested everyone have the Canon 50mm lens (pictures below) in their collection as it is cheap, small, and light. A great walking around lens, and handy for shooting video. Instead of going to B&H we went to Adorama which we found to be much friendlier and altogether a nicer experience. Anyway check out some of the pics I took last night with it. Kate made some delicious salmon and buttFUZZ was there to.

So the other day a co-worker sent me a link to this great new little travel grill. Perfect for the park in the summer. We currently have a little crappy travel grill that we got from the Kings Pharmacy around the corner from out apt. This thing in contrast looks awesome. The company that makes it is called Fuego and looks as if they have pretty significant grill experience. The thing that scares me is that it’s available for pre-order only and the website is kinda shitty. Either way it looks cool, pick one up for yourself if you have a small living space but like to cook out in the park.

So, it’s president’s day and in true no work fashion Kate and I didn’t leave the house. I spent most of the day working on the new Mad Men Recap website. MMRC bigger and better in 2011. Kate did some reading and played a bit of the piano. I (dyeing to use my camera) tried to so some smarty focus heavy video. So enjoy the musical stylings of kate.

The joys of being well enough to leave the house are still echoing through my body. As all of you know Kate and I have had colds for the last 4 months straight, just trading back and forth getting better getting worse. Well, I’m happy to say I think all that business may be behind us for the season.
In what felt like a peaceful prison break we left our apartment to find what we thought to be a bit of culture. To be fair after being down and out so long you can’t just leap back into your hedonistic ways. In an unusual turn Kate got us tickets to a play at BAM to see the “great” Geoffrey Rush in “The Diary of a Madman” written by Nikolai Gogol. It’s 2 hours of Mr. Rush on stage pretty much alone acting like a “madman” from Russia in the 1830’s. Now, to be fair we don’t really like theater much and comedy from 1830’s Russia tends not to hold up, but Mr. Rush gives it his very best. From what I could tell the only people laughing were older intellectuals that see this as their duty as cultured members of society to not only pretend to understand this sort of thing but to appreciate it on a level that us “regular folk” just never could. The truth is we only went to see Oscar Nominated Geoffrey Rush from “The Kings Speech“, and we did that so it’s a win I guess. If your thinking about going I would brush up on you 1830’s pop culture and work on concentrating on understanding an English accent (yes i know Geoffrey Rush is Australian, he sounds english to me… back off)

I’m other exciting news we did a move out style clean on the refrigerator today and it is magnificent. Threw away all the crap and pulled out all the shelves, scrubbed the whole thing down and put it all back together. I consider this a massive accomplishment and owe almost all the credit to Kate for getting us started. Check out the photo of it below.

Lastly, incase you missed it I sent out the stickers yesterday to be made!!!!!! The entire internet is a buzz about the stick ‘n tweet dport7 stickers….. get excited and get ready!

OH…….. One Last Thing I rendered a highRez image you can use as an desktop. It’s Mr.ButtWash with his huge spray can!!!!

So as you know the staff has been requesting Turbo sticker/t-shirt designs for at least a month or so. After much deliberation (of which was excruciating) we have picked a design with a few adjustments. The winning design comes from a co-worker of mine named Jenny. I added the Jenn Norwood cloud took off the frills and we have ourselves a winner. I have been working on a die cut so the sticker will be a offset shape of the crest rather than a square sticker.
Now your saying to yourself “Paul this is great and everything but what are we ganna do with these?”. Well here’s the plan. What I want to do is send a few of you in different parts of the country a stack and then with your cooperation start a twitter sticker post page. This involves you taking a picture of the stickers you put up. Be it in the bar, in bathrooms, subway stops, stop signs, cabs, hallways…….where ever. Then with your smarty phones tweet the pic @dport7 #dport7Sticker and I will have them post to a special pics page on the site. Let me know what you think…. I think this sounds like fun!!!!!!!

Last weekend Kate and watched this documentary called “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. It’s a film about street art (gratify) something I’ve been a long time fan of. The story takes a turn when a unlikely film maker named Terry starts to follow other street artist to film them for his documentary. When his movie fails to work the story becomes about his quick rise to fame as a hack street artist under his street art name “Mr. BrainWash”. It’s a hard thing to explain but I recommend it. Although i liked the film is put a bad taste in my mouth for street art. So I thought it would be great for Turbo to become a street artist and name himself “Mr. ButtWash”. I did two renderings posted below. These images have also been added to the rotating banner so enjoy!