So I saw this the other day and it made me laugh out loud! I’m not a huge SNL fan but this one was killer for me. When I was a kid I used to watch PeeWee’s Playhouse all the time it was my favorite show. I even had little PeeWee and Konkie action figures. I know he’s on a bit of a come back right now. Sadly I missed his broadway show. Manly because I’m just lazy. Anyway I hope you enjoy it to!

Hello from the nucleus of the winter season. Last night we received the 3rd major snow storm of the young 2011 winter. From what I can tell we got between 10 to 13 inches of snow. Now don’t let those fear mongers on the news tell you we got 15 to 20. Their just trying to whip people in to a frenzy. Also let’s be clear. If you live in NYC there is no reason to stay home from work. Now all our NJ friends don’t have bus service so they have a reasonable excuse.
Hey Paul, what’s the craziest thing you saw in this 3rd winter storm. Well look at the pictures below to see a burned out cab in the middle of Flatbush. Yes this qualifies as a snowpocalypse.

So I know you didn’t think it was possible………hell, I didn’t either. We have another hat in the ring (as they say) for the Tubro sticker/t-shirt initiative. This one is from one of my co-workers. They saw the Turbo wallpaper on my phone and inquired. I mentioned I was trying to get a graphic design going and interest was sparked, I like this one as well. Let me know what you think!

In other news I hope you’re all enjoying the new Turbo hunting lodge. I’ve installed a random rotating banner. This means every time you visit the site you should see a different banner. All in the lodge in some aspect. Honestly it took some time to get the lodge built so I’m trying to get as much out of it as possible.

So the first real 3D Turbo rolled of the 3D printer on Friday. That’s right you’re looking at the only existing Turbo in the world right here. So now for the surprise! You might be saying to yourself “how can I get one of those?” Well, I’m ganna try to make one for everyone that sent in a t-Shirt design. So that’s a grand total of 3. If you get your shit together and send in a design in the next week or so you too might have a little Turbo in your mailbox soon. Do it! Live the dream!
Long live Turbo!

So if you haven’t noticed we got some shots of Turbo at home. Yes this fictional Marshmallow/Tooth figure lives in an old english hunting lodge. Fully equipped with an antler chandelier, hunting rifle, lamps, fireplace, and many other things that make it feel like home. I thought it would be a nice change from blue backgrounds with snotty tag lines. So I’m planning on doing a bunch of different renderings in the lodge, because well it took a good amount of time to put together. I hope you like it as much as I do.

I’ve been a bit under the weather for a few solid days so I haven’t much to say. I saw this weightless cat video this morning and thought it may need your attention. I’ve often thought if we ever conquered space it would be of the utmost importance to know how cats would react.

I know what you’re thinking….. Where has the “talented” Jon “Jew” Schulman been throughout this entire Help Turbo initiative? Well, for most of it he’s been sitting staring wide eyed into the computer screen blankly. But the other day I received an email with count them 3 half ass designs for the new Turbo t-shirt. I think he might have misunderstood the project but non the less one of these made me laugh so I’m going to share them with you. Remember it’s time to take this into your own hands download the help Turbo file before Jon strikes again. Thanks man!

Oh faithfull! The excitement around the “Help Turbo” campaign is really taking off. One of our most favorite member Jennifer Norwwod has graced us with two new Turbo t-Shirt options. They are amazing!
I think the first one posted below that has a seal look to it would be great on stickers! Notice the use of the cloud in the background very nice. Jenn the entire staff thanks you these are amazing!!!!!!
Come on the rest of you don’t let Jenn eat your lunch like that!!!!!!! I know for a fact there are several talented graphic designers that visit this site. Don’t be shy. Drink Jenn’s milkshake on this one! If you dare…..
Click to Help Turbo

I’m ganna be honest with you I’m a little disappointed…………. The entire staff was pretty confident this new ” HELP make a COOL Turbo tShirt” campaign was going to be huge…… in truth is been a bit underwhelming. Listen this is a real problem. To complete this new site renaissance we need new tShirts, stickers, and bags. I could just put the Turbo figure on everything as is but I thought you the creative community could really make the idea take off. Now don’t get me wrong this hasn’t been complete radio silence. One superman member of dport7, Jay Purugganan has stepped up to the plate and put together a piece for us. Thank you Jay! It’s posted below with pride.

Listen I know your sitting there reading this now feeling like a real turd! Well, do something about it! Put you creative mind on alert and make this shit happen. Here is a link to the original post with all the details and an AI download so you can make magic.
btw you may have noticed that annoying Turbo tShirt Popup is back. Well, send in a design and it will cease.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this but this should make you fall in Love with Brian Williams (if you haven’t already). This appears to be some kinda douche news 2010 recap. Joe Scarborough is talking like a complete tool about the iPad (enough already the iPad is great! Steve told us to buy one and we will. RELAX!) Brian Williams of NBC nightly news goes off about how the New York Times discovery of Brooklyn is the years biggest news story. IT IS Hilarious and just Wonderful! To have a major news anchor with such a sense of humor is truly a gift! Enjoy!