We all know the holiday travel this year has been a true and full blown disaster! This year’s snowpocolyps hit on the night of the 26th on into the 27th. Kate and I were due to fly out of beautiful Cleveland Ohio at 3:39pm on the 27th. The snow had stopped falling in NYC and folks were optimistic that the airports would reopen by 4pm. This would make us the first flight in thus just barely missing holiday travel misadventure. Just 2 hours before the flight while in the car just moments from being dropped at the airport the news comes across the Continental website that indeed flight 1450 has been canceled just like everything else. Kate and I flew into what I like to call a controlled rage of problem solving. I immediately thought at this point driveing was going to be our only option. After we heard that if we waited for the next possible flight it would be after the first of the year Kate had some choice words for the Continental employees and we ran down stairs to start calling the airport car rental places. After a couple of tries we finally found one and took the shuttle straight over. My parents drove over and dropped off our bags and we fired up Kate’s iPhone for directions then made our way out of town around 2pm.
Now usually I would have documented this entire trip with pictures and even video but both Kate and I have a unusual almost unnatural amount of focus for this drive. The good news is that from the Cleve to NYC is nearly a straight shot all on one road. It’s 80 the entire way. We didn’t hit any dodgy roads until Paterson NJ which is very very close to the tunnel. Once we got through the Lincoln tunnel we experienced the snowpocolyps everyone’s been talking about. It looked as if maybe one snow plow had been dispatched . We made the quick decision to drop the car off on 49th and 8th instead of driving back to Park Slope where we were certain all 24 inches would still be on our street. We dropped the car at 10pm and after a more than complicated subway ride we were home with buttFUZZ by 11:30pm.
All in all it was the best decision we could have made. Instead of sitting in a hotel in Cleveland for 5 days it’s so nice to be home with buttFUZZ and our own bed. I’ve posted a shot of our street from last night along with some shots from Christmas in beautiful Canton Ohio!

Well the entire dport7 staff wishes you the very Merriestof Merry Christmases a day late. Kate and I are here in beautiful Canton Ohio for the Tatka family Christmas. For the most part it’s gone pretty well. Things are a bit tight at my Grandma’s house with 6 people. We did some family karaoke which was fun in kind of an awkward way. The only bummer is the scare of this snow storm headed for New York. Out of nowhere comes the threat of 12-16 inches of snow. Why this is a problem?
1. Kate has work on Tuesday.
2. ButtFUZZ is expecting us home and I forgot to give my keys to my emergency contact. In case of such a disaster to check up on the little guy. So in short thanks weather for yet again killing my Christmas buzz.

I don’t know about you but Kate and I have had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. Even with a real (little) tree and other Christmas swag we can’t quite seem to feel “Christmasy”. I have found the cure. Now I know a lot of you have already seen this but hey, watch it again.

So remember a few posts ago when I was talking about the New Pornographers show Kate, Megan, and I went to? Well if so this is amazing. I was saying how tired they seemed and how Neko Case had a melt down. Well it turns out we weren’t the only ones to notice. New York Magazine heard about it too, and put it in their weeks Approval Matrix. I was able to find it online and posted it here for you. Click on the image for the entire Approval Matrix.

Should I make this a t-shirt? I don’t feel like it’s “there yet”. I need your help! There is a link below to downlaod this AI file. You can add the much needed finishing touches around Turbo and be a part of dport7 history. If you can help me make this awsome I’ll make t-shirts bags and stickers and you will get them all for free (like you always do). You will also get the satisfaction of helping dport7 be “more cooler”. As always I can only print 2 colors (actually I’ve never printed 2 colors before but I was going to give it a shot this time) so don’t go crazy. I’m really just looking for some finnishing touches.

Wait! don’t click away, this could be fun. Even if we haven’t talked for a while or if you don’t like me very much download the AI and give it a shot. I think you’ll agree Turbo looks ok but the burst isn’t working and something need to be done to breathe in a bit more life.

I know it’s a busy time of year so let me know if your interested and I’ll hold off till you have a little time Email me

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Far too cold rainy to leave the house this weekend. With that said Kate broke out the Christmas decorations and went to town. I walked down the street and got this little potted christmas tree which is kinda nice. There is a faint smell of pine in the apartment and as of yet buttFUZZ (the black swan) hasn’t destroyed it. Anyway check out some of the pictures. It may help you feel more festive.

So on Monday Kate, Megan and I went to se the New Pornographers…….. again. I know we just went a few months ago but this show just kinda popped up so we thought what the hell. It was all going ok till the female lead singer Neko Case had a bit of a on stage break down. After what was maybe the third song Neko announces to the crowd that the band is off to London tomorrow and it is very possible they are all going to “die”. This seemed strange so she went on to explain that things weren’t going so well. She’s recently turned 40 and in the past few days her house caught fire, her boyfriend broke up with her and she got in a car accident. This I think would give anyone the down charlies but to announce it on stage was a bit of a bummer. The Drummer pipped up and announced that if Neko thought 40 was bad she should try being 43. Apparently when the drummer turned 43 his dog died and he was no longer able to make his house payments. YES, this was all on stage. Needless to say no one likes a debbie downer and this was the equivalent of taking a no fun dump on the entire show.
It was clear the band was tired and this show felt like a difficult end to what seemed to be their american tour. They still sounded good it just seemed as if they were rushing through the songs a bit. I can’t blame them for being tired. In a way i feel a bit of lesson learned. Never go see a band at the end of the tour and except the energy level to be at the max.
As always I cut together a bit of video from the show for the dport7 records. Sadly I didn’t get the melt down on tape. Maybe next time.