So I thought this was cool and wondered what you thought. This is a wireless speaker from Jawbone the folks that make those doochie bluetooth ear pieces for your cell phones. The cool thing is that it kind of becomes the default speaker for your phone then it’s hooked up. You can use it as a speaker for music, videos, games, and even phone calls. I haven’t heard it myself but apparently the sound quality from such a small unit is exceptional. Check out their introduction video below I think you may be impressed.

Hey dport7 faithful! Here’s another little treat for you. You may saying to yourself I wish I could make my iPhone like Paul’s with as little effort as possible. Well, I have heard your cry’s. Click on the images below to make your iPhone dport7tastic. The image with Buster (I changed his name (because I can)) is your lock screen background. The image of just the stripes is your home screen background. Don’t worry they are both optimized to fit your screen perfectly. If you don’t know how to add custom images to you phone I can’t help you and frankly it’s clear at this point you don’t deserve it anyway. Too harsh?

effing iphone backgrounds

click to down load full size

This was exciting! Kate and I got to go to the “Due Date” premier. Sarah gets us into the press premiers for movies every now and then but not often are there famous folks there. Last year we went to the premier of “Sherlock Holmes” but we sat in the super high way far away balcony and could barley see anyone. This one was way different! It was a small theater and it was full of the famous. We were only feet away from Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis. Outside the theater we stood right next to Blondie and the Olson Twins. Sat right across from Rick Ocasek (the cars) wife (Paulina Porizkova) and son. That bastard Rob Thomas (match box 20) was washing his hands right next to me in the bathroom. Not to mention the 10’s of amazingly tall gorgeously disturbing 8ft models walking around. It was in a word crazy!!!! Thank you Sarah!
Oh the movie you ask? It was pretty funny. No awards here. Just another buddy comedy road trip flick. It was good enough, I laughed. I’m a fan of both guys so it was fun to watch

Hey everyone hope you had a Happy Halloween! Sadly I wasn’t able to fully recover before the big day. As I type this, continue struggling through this fall time flu. It is a killer! Anyway Saturday found us at Inbal’s and Ariel’s famous Bushwick Halloween party super party! The Girls and I were the internet mem “three wolf moon” I was the moon seeing that my bald head shines brightly when painted white. Ben was a Berserker and Greta was a convincing Cleopatra. I wish I had some crazy stories form the party but I could only muster the strength to hang in there for about an hour before this demoed of a flu came a call’n. Next year I hope to be back on my game, indeed. Thanks again to Inbal and Ariel for having such a killer party every year, i know it isn’t easy!