Hey everyone! well this week has been a pooper indeed. Kate and I are both sick and struggling to recover in time for Halloween. Every year now we have been attending Inbal and Ariel’s Halloween party and it promises to be even more amazing this year with a live band. Tears fill our eyes at the thought of missing it so with any luck we can at least rally enough to make an appearance.
The true highlight of the week has been the flood of dport7 faithful sending in photos of their desktops with the new eye patch image on it. BLL’s is shown here. Thanks for supporting the cause.
BLL has requested that the faithful send in photo’s of themselves in their Halloween costumes. I’ll put them all in a post so send those puppies in!!!

So as requested by BLL and Jew I’ve made you the dport7 faithful a desktop image for your home computers and laptops. It’s high res so it should look great on any size screen. Just click on the image below and a larger image will pop up. Drag that to your desktop and make you system proud to be dport7ized.

I also posted a video of this ping pong bar (Spin) we went to last week. It’s mostly popular for it’s investor who happens to be the great Susan Sarandon. The scandal was this was the project of her new (young) boyfriend. This was a couple of years ago but it gives you a reason to be interested I guess.
Why all the video as of late you ask? Well I feel as if it’s my duty. I have this iphone with me all the time so why the hell not. I only wish I would have had all these great tools when I first started the site. I can even imagine how much content I would have had.

CLICK image for hi-res wallpaper

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while since dport7 hasn’t looked like a template but today is the day. I had an idea to do a new character for the site. I call him little marshmallow man “turbo”. He has a a gang and an eye patch. The thermos is full of scotch, this little guy is ready to party. I did a closeup render so you could see the crest on Turbo’s eye patch. If you can’t read it it’s says “dport7.com! Fool!. It’s been a long time since dport7 has looked unique and I’m happy to have it back. I still have a few things to fix but we are 90% there. enjoy the dport7 renaissance .

It’s octoberfest time of year again and we succeeded! You know theres not a lot to say about a trip like this. We boarded the train at grand central and in an hour arrived up state at our destination. It’s always a beautiful time of year to head up there. The trees have just started to turn, it’s not to terribly cold or warm. We all get a stein going an before you know it the day is over. Sure there’s a bit of polka dancing mixed in, but for the most part it’s over in a blink of an eye.If you couldn’t join us this year, plan on it for 2K11. See you then!!!
Pictures are posted in the flickrs section of the site in the menu bar above. enjoy.

So I just lost the last post I typed put here on my phone. So this one is ganna be short. Blame the WordPress iPhone app for being kinda crap.
Anyway, we are here at the Atlanta airport struggling. Last night was to put lightly intense.
Kate and I attended my college roommate’s wedding. Joe and I were roommates for all four years of college. He had his wedding in beautiful Destin Florida. It was on the beach and it was beautiful. We’ve never been to a beach wedding before but it was honestly really beautiful. We had the reception on the deck of the hotel by the pool. Everything was great. It was so fun to hang out with Joe and Martin again. It was also great to get to meet Joe’s new wife Danielle again. The fire really didn’t effect anything. Although the rubble was still smoldering we hardly even noticed it.
They had a great turn out for the after party that went on maybe a bit too long. Only one of the grooms men ended up spending the night in jail (true) so if you run the numbers I think we came out ahead.
Thanks to Joe and Danielle for inviting us everything was beautiful and we had an amazing time.

Here we are in the airport LGA (dirtballport) on our way to Destin Florida for my college roommate Joe’s wedding. Now I’m not sure exactly how the story goes here but from what I can tell Wednesday night the hotel restaurant next to the pool burned to the ground. Not just a kitchen fire I’m talking full raging flame fire. Joe posted these shots on face book and they are pretty intense. I don’t know where the wedding is to be held but hopefully not out by the pool next to the rubble. I will add more facts as I go.
In other news I’m working on restoring the last 5 years of dport7 photos to the site. It’s a bit of a process but watch the menu bar for years to appear.
I’ll keep you posted.

so if you haven’t noticed I’ve really started to like the new dport7 a lot. Turns out WordPress (the engine that runs this blog) Is really awesome. Like I mentioned a few posts ago we got the flickrs page working as you can see in the navigation bar above. We also are in the process of taking care of all that spammer comment crap that the blog has been plagued with. Lastly is the addition of my Nike+ information. If you scroll down on you will see in the right hand column a thing called Paul’s Runs. This is my run information from my Nike+ account. So now every time I plug in my ipod after my run the latest 4 runs will be posted here on the site. Along with my over all stats. Up until now I was just recording my runs so i could keep up on how much time it took to complete a lap around the park. This makes it a bit easier to follow along. There are many other things about WordPress I’m enjoying but too nerdy to try to explain here.

Off to Florida on Friday…… just so you know.

I’ve been meaning to share this with all of you! This is a series of commercials from Panda Cheese out of Egypt. They are hands down the funniest things I’ve seen all year. Please do yourself a favor and watch these masterpieces.

so YOU CAN NOW LEAVE COMMENTS AGAIN!!!!! I think i have the thing figured out so with any luck NO MORE SPAM. So NO MORE NEED FOR A WORDPRESS Account to COMMENT. I miss you guys and I’ve started blogging again so lets make this happen.

In other news Kate and I got back from Philly this morning at 8:40am just in time for work. A bit of advice if you are taking the train from NYC to Philly pay the extra cash for the Amtrak. We took the NJ and the PA transit on the way there and a 1 hour trip turned into 3. Never the less that’s not what this is about. Kate and I attend our friend Jenn’s wedding. It was the first Jewish wedding I’ve ever been to and let me just say those folk have fun. They had a live band that was insane. 5 singers on stage doing just about every pop song you could think of. Not just singers it was a full band. Let me key you into something. If you want to have a fun wedding splurge for the live band. They almost force people to dance, but in a good way. A DJ just doesn’t have cache of a but rock band and never will. Long story short we really had a great time and are so glad Jenn and Wayne included us.