hey everyone just a check in from Chicago. Hanging out with Brian for the weekend. Yesterday we went to the Cubs/Cardinals game. The Cubs didn’t disappoint by giving up 5 runs in the first 20 minutes of the game. Needles to say another day at Wrigley Field another loss for the Cubs. We had a few after game beers with Chris and Jim along with a visit from my good friend Jay. Thanks for coming out everybody.
I’m staying with Brian and his roommates and this little guy Dose Tres. Dose Tres and I are friends from a few years back, good to see the years have been kind.
Lastly I have a few pictures of the MunnyLope fresh of the 3D Printer!!!!!! From what I can tell it looks pretty effing good. The antlers may be a bit shape but we’ll have to see. It finished up yesterday and my co worker sent me the photo’s. I cant wait to see it for my self.

so i had the idea to make a munnylope the other day. so i did. I think I may get to 3D print it out watch the site for that.
Hey Paul how can I have the same iPhone wallpaper as you have? well here it is drag it to your desktop and sync it to your phone.

click here for a desktop image as well.