Hey check this out! I found this today. It’s a Bamboo iphone case that you can get etched with a design of your creation. Check out the site it’s pretty cool. Although with the new iPhone coming out soon I know I’ll have to wait. Be on the look out for a dport7 branded iPhone case on the streets by the end of the summer. The company is called grove and I have to hand it to them I like this.

So here’s the think I like the new WordPress situation we have going on here. Although I do have one major complaint. The spam in the comments is out of control. Someone fix this please. ( I say that knowing I’m the one that has to do the fixing) needed to vent.

Washington DC…… The political epicenter of our nation. Kate and I visited this weekend to not only see a few of our friends, but to enjoy the spectacle that is DC. I’ve only been there once before when I was maybe 12 or so. I know I saw just about everything but the memories like so many from that age are faded. The main objective of the trip was to go to Jen and Wayne’s engagement party outside DC somewhere in Maryland. We drove down on friday after work (in the A4 company car…..fancy! (yes I’m bragging)) and arrived in DC at about 11:30 or so. When driving to DC especially downtown avoid the traffic circles. Listen I lives in Savannah for 4 years and mastered the navigation around circles and squares. DC has going out of there way to make this experience not only frustrating but nearly impossible. I can’t even describe what’s it’s like. I can’t help but think it maybe some clever metaphor for the inane inner workings of our own federal government just a few blocks away.
Saturday we went’s sight seeing with Jen and out friends Jon (jew) and Danielle. I of course wanted to go to the Air asnd Space Museum being that it is filled with awesome. We saw the Spirit Of St. Louis and the Space Capsule ‘s that the Astronauts come back to Earth in. I didn’t want to bore everyone else to much so after we saw the Space Monkey (creepy picture below) we moved out to the Mall for a little frisbee. Then we headed to the American History Museum filled with what I would describe as pop culture history.
Anyway not to bore you just check out the pictures below.
On sunday like I said we went out to the engagement party and it was truly lovely. As you know I grew up Catholic and Jen and Wayne are Jewish. So just hanging out with everyone and hearing the prayers, toasts and what not was really interesting. Everyone was super nice and even though it was a lot of family I didn’t feel all weird and out of place. (normally I do).

In other news the Mad Men Recap has continued to be a powerhouse of success. What’s the secret you ask? Big John Diehl is the secret. The listeners love this guy. The best part and this is true. Several listeners have written us asking if Dr. John is really Jon Hamm. WOW!

creepiest thing ever

My friends the sweet taste of vacation is closing in on me. Friday morning Kate and i will be returning to birth place of our union, a place we can for some reason only remember fondly. Savannah Georgia. We are making what as become our yearly spring time trip down south to help our friend BVA celebrate his birthday. The extra bonus for us is that we get so see a few old friends from our college days. Days that both Kate and I miss horribly .
The only thing that I’m not looking forward to on this trip is falling off the wagon. Yes, with the triathlon closing in on us I’ve been much much better with what I’m eating and more importantly what I’m drinking. Last weekend saw me complete my 4 mile run in 34 min. Significant progress from only a few weeks ago when I was running it at an embarrassing 48 min. As a side note: After I completed with my new faster time Tiger Woods’s (yes the Tiger Woods) voice came across my headphones to congratulate me on running my fastest mile. I’m not sure how to feel about this. I mean Tiger is in good shape and my guess is the guy can run a mile much faster than me. The tone of his voice seemed a bit too eager to congratulate. I’m not saying he was making a pass at me, I’m almost certain he was making a pass at the mannish looking lady that was in the sound booth recording this inspirational message. Don’t get me wrong though I’m glad he’s taken a personal interest in me.
I’m trying to navigate the Nike Plus site so I can share my progress… now that i have progress. Check out this link see if you can make any sense out of it. Forgive me if i miss a few days my record breaking run seemed to hurt my right knee. Not the joint just what feels to be the muscles on the outside of the knee. No worry I consulted Dr. John and he gave me some stretches to do to hopefully put me back on track.

Hey hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!!! We sure did! A bunch of us went to Prospect Park for an Easter hang out. Kate made the best ham ever, along with a crazy good potato salad and some other delicious additions we had the best brooklyn easter ever. Thanks to everyone who came out.

So what happened Saturday you ask? Well Jew Schulman came to visit with his lovely girl friend. Notice picture below she doesn’t like her picture taken and well of course Jon loves it. I got a new red jacket and a new tan suit for Easter.
I think I’m far too tired to be writing this post. Ran my 4 miles tonight. It really tuckers me out. I’am continuing to make progress although I’ve plateau at 38min. I still have time but I’d love to get my time down to the low 30’s by race day.
anyway enjoy the pics.