faithful you’ll have to forgive me for my absence. i have been both lazy and sick. on wednesday evening i got hit with the flu so hard i just got out of bed today! (four days later)… thursday and friday found me calling in sick and sleeping probably a total of 20 hours each day. saturday wasn’t much better although i stay awake long enough to watch a few movies. sunday was still kind of a wash, i tried to do some wedding stuff but still found it hard to sit up for more than an hour.
I had some fun ideas for this weeks post but sadly this bit of text is the best I can do. even sadder there is a new me a paul show recorded and ready to post but I just haven’t gotten to it. Now I know you probably concerned and let me reassure you……. both Kate and ButtFuzz were smart enough to get their flu shots so they haven’t been infected with this god awful bug.
Your other main concern seems to be if buttFUZZ is shitting in the toilet yet. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that she’s doing pretty well. She’s at the end of her training and as far as the poo goes she’s about 60% in 40% out or on the lid. Pee 100% in every time. it seems like with a bit more practice she’ll have this thing figured out!!!!! look for a show soon…. well if i survive.