merry christmas everyone from the entire dport7 staff. It turns out we had to let the entire PR department go before the holiday so sorry for the lack of christmas pictures. Anyway we hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season and don’t forget to listen to the me and paul show for a special holiday surpise at the tail end of the show.

is it christmas? honestly, i’m not even aware of the holidays anymore. I guess that’s the thing about getting older you don’t even know the holidays are coming because, really who has time to even think about it. I did some christmas shopping but i don’t think i even thought about the holidays the entire time. It was just another thing i needed to get done. Sad? I guess but whatever. Kate bought a wreath for the apt but i think that was just to have the scent of pine around the place. anyway just wanted to push out a post. listen to me and paul podcast good luck with your christmas season… try eggnog I liked it. dairy free of course!!! buttFUZZ has adjusted well.