vacation day 1
On our way to vacation!!!! Hooray
So let me fill you in. kate and i took off from the port authority at 7:30 this morning and got on the peter pan bus. after about 4 hours we ended up at woods whole where we picked up the ferry and headed off to martha’s vineyard. We are staying in oak’s bluff the more diverse part of the island. it’s less the uppitty part of the island and it feels much more comfortable. we walked around town this after noon then stopped for a drink. Dinner was at the Look Out, lobster was on our minds and we let one have it. look for more tomorrow. I’m so happy to be on vacation i could cry.

ever since people started to realize what podcasts were they’ve been asking “paul when for the love of god is dport7 going to have a podcast?” My answer has always been who’s got the time and what on earth would I talk about. Well the answer is nothing and as i walk home from work to the subway late at night. The show is called me and paul after the Willie Nelson song. The idea is based around the phone conversations i have with Jon “jew” Schulman. Often when i get out of work i call on bother him on my 10 minute walk to the subway. Occasionally these conversations are amusing and we decided to turn it into the dport7 podcast. How it works is i call from my phone to Jon’s Skype number (his computer) and he records it. he then sends the audio to me and i throw it into a podcast, into feeder, then up to the dport7 servers. that entire process is faster than typing out this post. Either way we have already done a few episodes while waiting for itunes to accept the show so please subscribe and enjoy. I’m planing to do a show a week mainly because they are short but who knows maybe more. Please tell your friends and let me know how you like the show. Oh and write some reviews on itunes.

What a weekend folks. I don’t want to say it was the best weekend of the summer but i cant help it, it was the best weekend of the summer. Miss Erin Hanley needs a shout out for setting up the best tubing trip, maybe ever. But first we need to talk about friday night, the night O Neil. Thats right we went to see America’s greatest song writer and our hero Neil Diamond at the garden. I don’t really know how to explain it, Neil is a force of nature. he played a lot of his hits and generally made me laugh the entire show. Kate loved it and I think if the chance arose again we’d go. check out the clip below i feel as if it was a bit like our experience. Michele, Erin, and Allie joined us for the concert and well lets just say michele is a uber fan. 

now as i started to say before saturday was the best!!!!! Erin put together a trip up state to cedar rapids where we got tubes and floated the day away down the delaware river. there were about 13 of us and a huge camping size beer cooler. yes the beer cooler had it’s own tube. I think the best part of the trip was the perfect storm of people. it was 13 people that 1. all loved beer, 2. really appreciated being out of the city and floating on a river. and 3. i really thought everyone was pretty funny which is always nice on a trip of any distance. All in all i think we floated for 4 hours and drank 100 beers. When we finally landed back at base camp we had dinner at the little restaurant there and got back on the bus to get to NYC at about 11. i was completely beat but it was worth it.

(double click to play)

so let’s talk about all points west. Friday night Kate and I met up with Tyson at port authority and made our way to jersey city NJ. Tyson and Josy were nice enough to have us over so it would be an easy start to the concert Saturday morning. So were the band s good? yes, yes the band were great. well except for radiohead. yeah i know radiohead is amazing but honestly people i just can’t get into it. the lead singer just whines all over every song. anyway that’s not what i really want to talk about. as we walked into the show area of the park first things first we headed for the beer tent to get our over 21 bracelets and the first beer of the day. On the bracelet were 5 small tear away tags. These tags were the amount of $7 beers you could buy over the course of the day. so lets be clear it’s not so much that i could only have 5 beers that made me mad. it’s the fact that i was told i could only have 5 beers that really set me off. by set off i mean a rage-less “that sucks” came flying out of my mouth. then we all kinda complained about it on and off for the rest off the day. talking about how this country has turned in to an over protective parent that doesn’t really love you but hates when you have any fun. kinda like Communism but without all that marx crap. either way i thought we all still managed to have a pretty good time.
I’ve finally posted the SSP pictures I’ve promised so check them out. don’t forget to check out the links to pictures that i posted a few weeks ago those were really pretty good to.

Oh faithful let me apologize i have been negligent to you who i love most. the thing is that life has exploded with busyness and responsibility. I still haven’t had time to post pictures from SSP08 but with any luck I’ll have a bit of time on sunday. at least thats the hope. In other news i wet to see The National on monday night. I don’t know if your a fan but I have to admit they were really pretty good. the lead singer started out a bit rough but a few songs in he found his sound and really nailed the songs from then on out. What else you ask? well there was a lovely rabbit’s foot in there some where. Kate’s parents came for a visit, kate had a big birthday, that’s 25 folks. (she got a new black iPhone). Ian went back to singapore. This weekend i head to All Point West. It’s a big band fest in NJ. With me luck i don’t think it’s near camden so i should be ok.

thanks to laurea and david for the photo