so how was kickball? well pretty good. let me tell you how it works. if you don’t know or didn’t go to grade school kickball is played much like baseball. Just a big red rubber ball in place of all the baseball equitment. here in NYC the game is played in 5 innings. We have kinda a large time so i got up to kick just one time. oh don’t worry faithful i made the best of it. grounded out in the most dignified of ways. i believe the kickball league was really formed to give 20 somethings yet another reasons to drink on the weekdays. Although it’s on mondays and i’m afraid my drinking mondays are over. the best part of kick ball is hanging out with michele and erin, oh so funny!

Saturday night kate and i went to a dinner club type situation at BVA’s house called the rabbit’s foot. Brian and Megan and are hosting a supper club once a month on saturdays. I’m going to be honest, things like that usually scare me a bit. It forces me to act a bit more grown up then i usually care to. i had to take my hoodie off and leave the fart jokes at home. All my fears were for not i must say. The dinner was amazing and everyone was supper nice. Many of my G2 friends where there and things were relaxed…. Jihee took a bunch of great shots and posted them on her flicker. I took one picture my self. the one you see below is a bunny made of a black olive. nice right?

Lastly I stopped by target to pick up the long awaited MARIO CART. This is one of the main reasons I got the wii and I can’t wait to really get into it. I was just to tired to really play tonight but soon my friends. If you like marioKart Please come on by and pick up a wiimote, by door is always open. well, when I’m home. don’t break in.

well spring is finally really here. I’ve hung up my black winter coat and dawned my orange wind breaker. i’m feeling unusually exhausted lately, so I’m ganna keep this one short. Saturday was beautiful so Kate (she updated)and i went to the park along with the rest of manhattan. I posted a couple of pictures in fames. turns out the first chance people get, the shirts come off in public. girls running around in bathing suits and hair dudes trying to look cool laying in the park getting much needed sun on any part of their bodiers. Poor Kate got flashed by some guy trying to change his shorts while wearing a towel. it was fine though it made her laugh hysterically. I got a little color on my face and unfortunately kate caught a cold.
Anyway sunday went to work for awhile and then went to union square and took some pictures. I got to use this slr when ever possible. any way check out ian’s flickr. watch suddenly struttin for updates during a road trip this week. Oh i joined a kickball team and the games start monday so wish me luck. I’m out of shape like jim belushi
I took the skateboard pick a union square……. sorry no tricks!

Ok so fist off i wanted to share the first picture of the spring. think sound of music after the helicopter flew over julie andrews and the down draft threw her to the ground. now replace her with me. There you go. SPRING! I would like this post to be about how the weekend was, and we saw the new rolling stones documentary (
shine the Light), but I’m afraid i have a bone to pick with the USPS.
So for some reason my taxes are really kinda complicated (long story) anyway my brother John Diehl found this killer good Tax agent in cincinnati (of all places) and suggested it may be a good idea if i sent my stuff to him and had her do it. I said “cool” put all my papers in an envelope and went to the Radio City Post Office in Manhattan to send it off. Overnighted to cincinnati. The next day i check the tracking number and it was delivered! John calls and is asking where it is. This is where the panic set in. So I call the post office and say “hey guys you lost my envelope”. They check the tracking and say ” well sir our records show we delivered the parcel….. so you my friend are SOL”. This to me is amazing. I’m imagining my envelop ( with all my important tax info) is now sitting in a room somewhere with Amelia Earhart, the Lindberg baby, and Nazi gold. I already hate tax time enough and now I have to file for a extension to prolong this 6 more months. Along with begging people to reprint my W4 and other crap. Who do I blame in all this? (yes I have to blame someone I’m an American its part of our culture) I blame both the USPS for being so incompatant as to be unable to properly put an envelope in a mail box. I also blame myself for being greedy and trying to get more on my return than H&; would have provided. Moral of the story, don’t go the extra mile especially on your taxes.

In other news my good old best friend brian lauvray has started blogging for the “target=”_blank”>Tyra Banks show
. He’s helping the young ladies that watch Tyra and are unlucky in love find a man. He gives advice on what a young single guy in his late 20’s is really like. Go to the site read a comment and maybe leave one of your own. Its your chance ladies to find out what makes a guy like brian tick.