So I know I said I would do some blogging this week and I let you down. Here’s the thing, I got to Denver on Wednesday with a bit of a cold and then come Thursday morning a blizzard blew into town. So Kate and I made a trip to the mall but with all that snow we couldn’t go far. Friday we went to see Charlie Wilson’s War at the movies. It was really pretty good, phillip seymour hoffman was as always the best character on the film I think we all can agree he’s the best. Saturday kate and I headed up to Keystone to do some big time skiing. Kate is a true talent out there on the slopes. On the first run down some snowboarding tool sacked kate out of no where. Leaving her shaken and bruised pretty bad. Like a champ kate shook it off and we went on to ski blues the rest of the day. Out of shape Paul is so sore today its laughable.
Kate’s parents have been wonderful hosts and the entire dport7 staff can’t thank them enough for everything. So thank you! Oh and thanks to rocket (the cat) I promise I didn’t steal anything.

Merry Christmas everyone. I’m here in Ohio tapping this out on the iPhone and then tomorrow I head to Denver see Kate and the Rybicki’s. I hope everyone got everything on their list. I know I did! My new electric toothbrush and I will be every happy together. Big brother john got me a chipotle burrito gift card among several other great gifts. Anyway merry Christmas everyone and hopfully I’ll have some pictures from the mountians later in the week just for you!

so i hope everyone is enjoying the holiday banner. it was about as holiday as i could get. although look for more killer renderings of killroy soon. anyway speaking of the holidays i have a little gift for you. actually it’s just something that i’ve kinda become obsessed with, that i want to share with you. a few weeks ago someone at work dropped a cd on my desk and asked me to copy it. the cd was a recording of the RPI show this american life. I did the favor and for some reason the disc was then left on my desk. a few weeks later searching for something to listen to this disc again caught my attention. listening to this show has totally consumed my interest. if you haven’t heard the show it works like this. every week they pick a topic and then find mostly true stories of real life people to go along with the topic. for example the most recent episode is called ties that bind. In this episode they tell a story on a girl that got a heart transplant, two women with cystic fibrosis that become friends, and a waitress that finds friends in strangers. although the title may seem a bit generic and the explanations of the stories may also seem predictable the show is anything but. The people’s stories are told with interviews that seem soooo real and honest its like your living their story right along with them. it seems that almost all of the people are nothing but amazing and the circumstances unfathomable. some of the episodes are funny while others seem almost to heavy to bear, but all captivating in a way i can’t really describe. after being surrounded the last few weeks with a media that supplies the most worthless news about the single most worthless people (pregnancy of Jamie Lynn Spears… who gives a shit) it’s more then refreshing to listen to an episode of this program. how can you get in on this you ask? well for one you can click my link here and go to the itunes and subscribe for the podcast. or you can go to the website and listen to all 300 episodes streaming online. either way i encourage you to give it a shot. there is also a tv show based on the radio program on showtime that can also be downloaded on itunes.

hey guys. had the office holiday party on friday. it was pretty fun. we take the holiday party pretty seriously so it was as cool as can be. hung out with rebecca and her gang last night. she gave me a robot that she bought me a year ago. stopped by luke and laure’s house a holiday hello. I’m working on some worth while content for you but as of now thing have kinda cooled off here. here’s the robot.

hey so I was checking the stat’s for the site just now and it seems like there are some folks in germany that love to visit the site. I’m pretty sure it most be some internet bot but is we have some german fans let me know i’ll send you a t-shirt. oh hey we also got a hit from macedonia, the former yugoslav wow. I don’t know what started the international craze but lets keep it up.

well it was a movie kinda of weekend i guess. stayed out of the bars tried to save some money. friday night kate and i went to go see juno. those of you that read the blog on a regular bases may remember me posting the trailer. it about the teenaged girl that gets preggers and decides to put it up for adoption. it’s actually really really funny. it has a couple of our favorites from arrested development michael cerra and jason bateman who are both hilarious. it stars ellen page who is hilarious and really makes the movie sing. i’m ganna have throw the dport7 official recommendation on this one. unless you have a huge problem with teen pregnancy i would absolutely go see this one. with that said it doesn’t glorify it at all (if thats possible). michael cerra plays the same awkward genius as always. i love that kid.
As some of you might know saturday i asked a few people over to watch superbad. kate ian eban and daniela showed up. it was probably good, because that was all the seats i had in the house. although the lack of response was kind of a harsh reality that no one in new york at least looks at the blog. that’s ok i don’t really write much interesting stuff, but I like to think dport7 is a city wide phenomena anyway. i digress, the movie as a best vulgar, the dialogue had more swearing than yankee stadium. with that said it was hilarious, full out. a bit of advice it’s kind of a guy movie although by some strange anomaly kate enjoys it. for this i blame ian swanson and myself we’re slowly sucking the class out of kate. luckily i think ralph balances it all out.
lastly on saturday morning i got up and took a trip to the newly opened apple store on 14th street. it’s three floors of apple goodness and is of course beautiful. Everything is aluminum and super clean. if only i could buy a mac pro. dport7 would have new movies to bring back readers.

Alright well check out this idea. so because it’s cold and snowing, and superbad just came out on dvd why not come over on saturday and watch it at my house. your probably wondering where i live if it’s cool or what not. hey maybe you don’t care about that and want to watch superbad. either way lets hang out. Check out the invite posted below for info. Oh don’t feel left out I didn’t send any email invites i thought I’d just post and see what happened. check it out and see you then!

Hey everybody it’s time for the weekly check in. not much to say really i was kinda sick for most of the week so i didn’t go out or do or see anything really. although i did see something cool or all you flickr and facebook crazed people. it’s called eye-fi it’s a memory card for your digital camera that is also a wifi card. this means that when you take a picture you can then go to a wifi hotspot and upload that shot straight from the camera to your favorite photo site be it flickr, facebook, shutterfly, or whatever they support lots of different services. it seems like it could be really fun.

in other news, today was the first snow fall of this winter season, which is always exciting. it really turned cold here on saturday night and then sunday morning i woke up to a fresh snow fall. as you know sometimes i like to make a little video, so at the train stop i thought I’d try to catch a bit of snow fall for you.

(double click to play)