well i hope everyone had a good holiday. mine was restful. i slept more over this holiday break than i’ve slept in months. why? well i was at my grandmothers house in canton ohio and there’s not a whole lot to do. i can’t go out because i don’t really know anyone in the surrounding area and everytime i have a drink around my parents they think i’ve “lost control” anyway that leaves plenty of time for naps. I’m not complaining though i needed it. in between the naps the family decided it would be a good idea to go see a movie. being that we all have different tastes in films my mom chose the feature, which was disney’s enchanted. now those of you that know me, know that this isn’t exactly on my list of movies to see. I kinda don’t like “cute” so much and i also hate patrick dempsey for his awesome hair. needless to say this one was a bit more than i could take. if your into over blown love fairy tales dripping with perfect world sugar sweetness run right out and download this one on bit torrent.
in other news i took the bus back from LGA for a bit of adventure and a savings of like $40 which these days is huge. i don’t suggest it if you don’t have a good knowledge of the subway in the boroughs of queens and brooklyn, but if you do check it out and save some dough.
also in other news check out my friend elinor’s blog foodzi!!! she’s a restaurant goer with things to say. Check it out she’s got pictures of her food (before it’s eaten) and they always look good. she just started the blog so leaver her some comments to get her going. tony ritz you always have good comments lets see what you can do on a food blog.
lastly,(almost done) if you have time this weekend or just whenever go out and buy or rent the first season of Flight of the Conchords. this could be my new favorite show. it’s about this two guys from new Zealand that have a band here in NYC and it id hilarious. this is one of those shows that same me from free falling into depression. with all the other crap that’s on TV this is a saving grace. it may take you a couple of episodes to get into it so watch at least three before you make up your mind. here’s a little clip of them doing a rap that cracks me up every time i watch it. click on the link to check out more clips.
ps… special note for those of you with iphones and the ipod touch. the tech team here at dport7 has finally gotten on the stick and made the video posts playable on your device so enjoy!!!!

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well happy thanksgiving everyone!!!! I’m posting out here at LGA waiting for my Airtran flight back to my home state of ohio. I couldn’t help getting sucked into the airport wiFi (which should be free by the way, shame on you LGA) to post one of the old dport7 thanksgiving holiday greetings. i know that most of you will be enjoying a meal today with family or friends or both or maybe with a whole foods meal on the go plate. no matter what your doing dport7 is here to send you a genuine semi_weird happy thanksgiving wish. (was that kinda gay?) either way for some reason even though i don’t particularly enjoy the holidays i thought you may enjoy a post. so wherever your at have a beer for me and pour a bit out for dport7!!!!!!

so i’m ganna keep this relatively short because i just posted 28 NEW pictures in frames so tell this story with pictures. anyway! I’m back from savannah and the wedding and kings inn. the wedding was lovely bill and katie were both glowing with excitement and gave us all a lovely wedding to attend. the service was great loved the ministers talk. really solid. the location was beautiful and the weather couldn’t have cooperated more. the reception was at the telfair museum and went super smooth. danced a bit and was told later by bill’s parents friends that i won that dance competition but would receive no prize. seeing all the old college folks was great. big thanks goes out to joel for driving ian and i around and not kicking me in the balls. of course all the best to bill and katie!!!

saw jenn, like i said at the KINGS INN. had a crazy great time. took a little video might try to post it tomorrow. i sang everything i wanted. jenn owns the place with her song selection. Oh and her friend tad is ok. has a creepy habit of walking behind you in a stalker type fashion but its cool.

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ok no picture today. I’ll fill you in anyway. Last night ian Joel and I hit the town just like the old days. After starting at Pinkie Masters (which has not changed in the least, even some of the old regulars are still there). Then moved on to Vinnies and on to the rail pub. This was kinda hard for me because when I was here at school the rail pub was kind of the place to go. Now its just full of a bunch of lame kids sings really lame 90’s shit rock karaoke. I sang peaches by the presidents of the united states of america and no one cared. Then we closed the bars down at some Scottish place on congress. You know they say you can never go back, and for as lame as that saying is its sooo true. You had your time and weather it was cool or not it seemed cool, and its impossible to remember it as any less then the best.

today was golf. Yes that’s right I went golfing. I’m really horrible, although I had two good shots to at least save face alittle. We were playing a scramble (look it up) and I was on a team with bill (the groom) and the bride’s father and brother. For not getting to bed till 4 the night before and getting up a 7 for the tee time i handeled myself pretty well. Had a pretty good time and didnt really hit the wall so to speak untill lunch time. Bill really carried our team. Of course we did our best to destroy the golf carts. But they always cap the speed on those things so you can’t get them airborne.

Right now I’m waiting for Jenn Norwood to come pick me up so we can go to the kings inn to do some real karaoke. Jenn is a pro and I have a few killer songs in mind. I’m doing a neil diamond song in honor of both kate and brian. Also I’m going to see if jen wants to do the clash’s train in vein with me. (if you dont know this song, go buy it. One of the best)

Alright everyone its another blog on the go vacation for Paul and dport7. Where to this time? Savannah GA. to another wedding. Although this time im not in it, but i still needed to rent a tux. I’m kinda on the fence about a black tie wedding. But the more i think about it the more it makes sense. Anyway the lucky couple is bill and katie. Ian used to be roomates with bill in college and katie was their neighbor up stairs. The added. Bounes to this trip is I get to see a couple of other old friends (jenn and joel) along with stepping back in time when life was easy and I didn’t realize the real world is real. Before you ask, sadly cowboy kate couldn’t join us on this trip she had to finish off her last week at W+W.
Look for more daily vacation blog over the next 4 days!

so paul whatever happened with that birthday thing you were talking about?………… well it happened and i’m 27 now. there were several highlights. one being my good old best friend brian Lauvray flew in all the way from chicago to celebrate with me. brought me a great threadless tshirt from that chicago store. on saturday brian ian and i hung out at kate’s house being stupid. (i think there was a bit too many stupid guy stuff going on, so much to the point kate asked us to put a lid on it. although by the end of the weekend kate ended up the winner with the most repeated joke to her credit. (i’ll let you ask her about that). If you read the post before this one you knew the plans for the evening. we were at Galapagos in williamsburg which was a bit strange really. it was a hiphop show in the front room and a rock show in the back room. ether way the surprise was that Kate had contacted corn mo a few months ago and asked him to do some kind of shout out to me for the birthday. he kindly obliged and tried to get the entire crowed to sing happy birthday. then tossed a hostess cup cake into the cowed for me. so that was pretty cool. leave it to kate to seek out the more creative surprises for my birthday. the night ended with falafel that was the best food i ever tasted at that time.
I want to give a HUGE thankYOU to everyone that came out to help me successfully turn 27. I hope you had fun and i really appreciate it!

hey everybody. i don’t usually do this but last year i didn’t and people called me stupid. i’m turning 27 on saturday night and i thought i’d put out a dport7 wide holla. i sent out an invite last night to most of you members. (trying to omit the out of towners… because really) but in case i accidently deleted you or just plain forgot here’s the invite so come on out. St. Jerome’son the LES. I found it on the web last night because i couldn’t decide where to go. if you know this place and it sucks, let me know now so i can get out of it. hope to see you there!

READ the INVITE plans have changed!!!!!
going to galapagos to see corn mo and a special surprise!

first thing first this has been a week of big news. (lets start with the stupid news first). as i mentioned in my last post chipolte opened this week around the corner from my office. it’s the kind of thing that kinda makes or breaks your work day. it resides on 8th ave between 51 and 52 street on the east side sidewalk. i have visited three times sine the grand opening. people say you can’t recreate magic you’d once lost. in this case those people are wrong. every bit of the three burritos i had this week were magical perfection. now i know what your thinking. “paul you know those burritos have the same calorie content as a big mac don’t you?” “you better watch out, your ganna get a big old gut just like 1980’s chicago bears defensive tackle superstar the refrigerator“. Yes i’m aware of that so relax. I’m going to start exercising or something but the burritos aren’t stopping. so get off my back……

in other more relevant news. (you really should have just skipped to this section). my long time girlfriend and resident cool person Kate, was offered a rather prestigious position (for her age) at Ralph Lauren this week. after too weeks of an intense test project and late night agonizing over details and concepts, she has reigned supreme with a great offer. of course here at dport7 the entire staff wishes kate all the best and are confident she’ll become a super star in the ralph lauren fold. in choosing a picture for this section of the post Kate recommended this one. apparently as you walk into the RL offices this picture of Ralph is huge and front and center. so put your tunnel vision and pretend your there.