NO it’s a relief for me too. looking at that tooth was starting to take it’s toll. although i wish i could fill this post with a corky observations, but i think my brain might have melted. anyway i’m enjoying a sunday a home today. My good old college friend Michele Miskeskia was in town to hang out have a beer or two and talk about old times. In an uncontrollable urge to relive old times i took her allie and erin to a karaoke bar i found one time in williamsburg. surprisingly it wasn’t full of hipsters but more so brooklyn locals. Turns out brooklyn locals aren’t too impressed with my rendition on jukebox hero. although from what the girls said i wasn’t bad. Michele and I did a convincing rendition of don’t go breaking my heart. (also not that well received). either way it was great to see michele and allie again and drink to much. anyway so i’m ganna post some pictures in frames. I gotta stop watching tv and writing these blogs….. soo if you read this entire post….. i wish i could give you that time back.

so yesterday i went to the dentist. A few days earlier I felt a cavity on one of what i thought was a molar with my tongue. turns out it was my top right wisdom tooth. The dentist asked me if i was in for a cleaning when i got there at 8am. I said no, but check this out. He took a peek and said…. “lets pull that bitch out”…. i was like really? now? Then he gave me a look as if to say …… man up marsha. He left the room came back with Novocain and pliers and ten minutes later he held this in front of me. wow. I think i freaked out the doctor because right after he put it on the tray and put gauze in my mouth i jumped up and took a picture. I tried to get the nurse to get a shot of me and the tooth but see couldn’t figure out the camera. Then paid I and headed to work, which i arrived on time to. Bled my way through the rest of the day. if you see me today please no slaps in the face………. just thought you’d like to know.

what is it about tattoo’s that make them seem soo cool. of course we all know most of them all surrounded with a constant sense of regret. like the girl that got “miami spring break 2004” inked just above the crack of her ass, and now is the office joke. while other tattoos are a relevant life long tribute to someone or a constant reminded of something profound. why all the tattoo talk? well it seems every time i visit Kate we end up watching this reality show on TLC called LA ink. It’s pretty simple it’s just a tattoo pallor run by this attractive tv ready young women. For some reason the idea for this show is TV gold. the people that come into the shop either have a unbearable story of strife that can only be commemorated with a tattoo, or that polar opposite. Like the guy that came in a and wanted a tattoo portrait if his 5 year old cat ( which turned out surprisingly well). Either way it always leads kate and i down the road of talking about what tattoos wee would get. we both agree it have to be something that is hidden and not all together to complicated or trendy. although kate always mentions how her dream has been to get a portrait of Larry Hagman TV’s JR from Dallas (which i always think is weird, but cool). I thought it would be best for me to stay close to my dport7 roots and get the famous dport7 burst on my hand. very small but classy. of course if that doesn’t work out I could always get that portrait of Judith Light on my back.

So i know i’ve been neglecting you dport7 but unfortunately life sometimes gets in the way of this blog. as some of you might now I’m trying to stay away from writing boring “here’s my weekend” updates. So i’ll keep this short. friday went to BeerFest with tyson ryan ian a josi. Stayed out way to late met up with kate and sam danced the night away. Saturday couldn’t move until 5pm went to see corn mo at 11:30 with ian and elinor. Saturday was a delight going to the gocart track with Ian and Ian. I left out a lot of stuff but oh well. i think i have a few pictures from the BeerFest i’ll try and post them tonight. oh so this picture is from gocarting yesterday, sorry it’s sooo poopie but the iphone takes crap pictures indoors.

ok i just don’t get it. I have been trying to spread the good word of Corn Mo for about a year now. Last night kate ian and I went to see the show at the parkside lounge. as always it was amazing. It was a bit of a challenge to convince Kate to go but after the show she became a huge corn mo fan. as for almost everyone else i know, corn mo may remain an unknown. I invited just about everyone I thought might be in the area to join and not one could make the leap of faith to join. That’s alright that just means more corn mo for us. Anyway without much going on i thought I’d post another video for you to enjoy.

So if you haven’t seen Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz do yourself a favor and netflix it or head down to the video store. I guess you would call these movies action comedy’s. They’re british films with a british sense of humor but don’t worry know benny hill shit here. I think what makes them so fun to watch is the lack of dumb comedy. the jokes aren’t dumbed down for the the american audience. (i’m not saying americans are dumb, i’m say the movie industry treats us like idiots.) Either way i enjoyed both these film as think you should too.

(double click to play)

happy labor day from the staff

so it’s labor day everyone and as always an extra day off always makes me happy to be alive. I don’ t want to sound greedy but most of us work all year long with maybe a week off here and there. For that we get one day of in September? It seems it would be less of a insult for our hard work if we got a “labor day” once a month. Knowing me and society we would probably complain about that to. It also seems appropriate to point out that not everyone gets today off. Doctors still have to work today along with waiters and retail workers. It seems like kind of a farce to call this labor day then. Is society saying that those people don’t work hard enough to deserve a day off? Of course not. But the rest of us are, when we go ape shit because we can’t get a latte on our well deserved day of rest………. What just happened I blacked out.

speaking of labor kate moved to a new one bedroom apt in queens on Saturday. Its up on the 5th floor with nice big windows for lots of light and cool breezes. A very nice size living room and a decent sized bedroom. A big thanks goes out to the swanon brothers who along with the dport7 staff made the move as painless as possible. The only thing that almost ended the friendship of the four of us was Kate’s 300lb treadmill. Ian and i battled that thing up the five flights of stairs only to have it win in the end. Its two days later and my legs are still screaming. After a tough day kate treated us to the queens beer garden for beer sour crout and sausage. A delight. She’s still got a lot of organizing to do but with anyluck she’ll have a little party to break the place in soon. Of course your all invited because the building has a great roof top. It would be a crime not to use it before the summer comes to a close.