so what’s been happening? Well lots of work, a wedding, and more work. My cousin Krissy got married I’m Columbus Ohio last Saturday and I was in attendance. Big dr. John Diehl was there, and as always he was a great time and might have been the glue that held the wedding together. The good news was the reception had booze so john and I danced the night away because no one else would dance and I get board. On that note a wedding reception is infact a party so of your at one do me a favor and have fun. Oh what’s that? you don’t want to look like a jackass infront of your parents and family. Well do me a favor and suck it up and be fun it won’t kill you.
other than that this weekend cowboy kate is moving. She’s going about two blocks down the street in queens to a swank new 1bedroom pad. I’m helping with the move Saturday, and its going to ne the most organized move ever. Kate has her entire place boxed up and ready to go. The only thing out of her control is that one of her orignal roomates left what seems to be 3000 hanging anchors in the wall. The cool part is she wont come over and pull them out and spackel. The part that makes it extra cool is that when she moved out she stole kate’s tool box so even if she wanted to do it herself she couldn’t. In a word, WOW.
Lastly ian and I went out with the G2 kids for Cookies birthday. So happy birthday Cookie. It was great to see everybody.

Oh i almost forgot. NEW pictures in frames!!!! All the way from kate’s birthday to nantucket to last weekends wedding. Sorry for the delay but enjoy. Don’t forget to click on them and enjoy the magic.

PS…. For those of you wondering why I don’t blog more often with the phone I’m sitting on the C train tapping this in right now. If it reads a little weird that’s why.

so I needed to take the R train downtown this evening so i was walking from work through the time square area. i looked up to see Meredith Vieiria (of the Today Show) giving me a come hither look i just couldn’t ignore and to be honest it made me blush. then i realized it was a billboard and she wasn’t really looking at me. what is Vieiria doing? has she got something to prove or is she some kinda wana be porn star. Even saying that makes me feel dirty i mean Meredith delivers the morning feel good news segments to families all over the nation everyday. why oh why would she make such a face for the visitors and tourist of NYC to see. If you think its just me look at Ann Curry to the right she’s laughing but i’m sure it’s a nervous laugh. Then there’s Matt, the corner stone of the show seeming to get as far away from “bedroom eyes” Meredith Vieiria as possible. Maybe this was just a mistake but i think it’s a cry for help, a cry i’m more than willing to try to ignore. In short i thought this was disturbing and wanted to share.

so this week is crazy. kate and i got back from Nantucket on Monday night kinda late because of course too much traffic going into JFK. after a long cab ride home (i’d rather not discuss) it was after 12 before i got back. So then tuesday night we were off to see the format. They were playing at webster hall and i’m pretty sure they let high school out early tuesday to accommodate. yeah it’s a little embarrassing that i’m the oldest guy at the show but i can’t help it they have catchy songs. when kate and i got there we headed down to bathroom and when kate came out she said she saw Maebe fromarrested development. while waiting for the format to come on kate kept her eyes on the vip section waiting for Maebe to make a move. she finally did and kate was on the move so we could get a picture for the blog. as close as we were we just missed her but i saw her on the way out the door and i agree it was Maebe. very exciting. Anyway the show was great. Even though i thought I out grew the format they really came out and and gave it their all. Anyway as i always do here’s a video if you want to check out the show. In other news i’m off to Ohio for a wedding this weekend so i won’t be around to hang out. I’m also going to put up a few shots in frames i feel like i’m a month behind.
Oh last but not least if you have a a bit of extra time on the internet sooner or later check a great friend of the the sites tony ritz’s site. it’s a great new blog i know you’ll all love it!

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vacation day 5
so I do t know what happened but I think we made dottie mad. The last two mornings (including this morning) the continental breakfest has not been offered. This is alright with me but kate needs her coffee. I’m guessing if we see dottie on the way out there’ll be words. Anyway day five was all about the sun. Being that the weather has been a bit fall like the entire trip kate and I haven’t had the chance to get the golden brown roman like tan we planned on. After a quick bagel at a small cafe we set out to Jetties beach again. The sun was up but the air was still cool. We laid outost of the after noon and walked along the beach looking for some more treasures of the sea. After lunch we headed to a different beach on the other side of the island called Surf Side. Kate clames this is were the big waves are but they were still kinda small yesterday. After about an hour there it got cold so we headed back into town to get ready for dinner. We went to the White Elephant faceing the harbor. It was super classy so kate and I dressed up and looked hot with our newly tanned faces. I posted a picture of the view from the resturaunt. We fly out today at 7 so maybe we’ll buy you some taffy.

vacation day 4
we started out at fog island for breakfest before going out on the fishing boat. Then kate’s phone rang and is was the charter saying it was too windy and the sea was too dangerouse so the trip was cancelled, on account of the wind blowing to hard and rough water. In a panic we got on google and looked up some other trips and found a guy named captain mark who agreed to take us out on his boat the “just do it too”. lucky for us he said he had to keep it in the bay area. Keeping in the bay turned out to mean we were only able to catch scrogg which are pictured below. I think it turned out for the best because even in the some what calm waters of the bay Kate and I felt a bit sea sick. Who caught more fish you ask? Well kate pulled down a triumphant 4 srcogg while I caught 3. That’s 7 altogether and that’s just weird. 7. Being it was kinda windy and cold we came back to the guest house and laid out in the back yard. One would think in this case I would be free of screaming children. If I was they would be letting me win……and they can’t let that happen. as I drifted in and out of sleep in the warm glow of the evening sun the child in the backyard next door was screaming bloody murder about god knows what. As if a limb was being cut off with a wet rope. I could hear the adult trying to reason with the brat about what ever they wanted. I think it finally stopped when the constant screams deprived the oxygen to the kids brain and he passed out. Thank god. The day ended with kate and i getting some pizza a bottle of wine and reading questions from trivia pursuit. I passed out, don’t know what happened to kate. Only one more vacation blog left we leave monday.

vacation day 3
so after the ladie of the house (Dottie) woke everyone up with the 8am continental breakfest again it was time to start the day. It was overcast so we headed down to the wharf to see if we could get in on a fishing trip or at least find some cheaper than advertised tours. Turns out price wars don’t exsist in Nantucket and all the trips were booked for the day. So we signed up for the next day at noon. Being that it was overcast and even some might say a bit chilly we decided to get on our bikes and ride out to Madekat on the other side of the island. Now I thought that being that it was the other side of the island it would have its own little main street and markets but it turns out all that’s out there is more houses and beach. We took some pictures set foot on the windy cold beach and headed back. On the 30min ride back we passed this family of 5 and as we passes one of the little girls (claire) tried to race me and pulled ahead. (I ride like jessica fletcher folks) as her mom yells to let people pass she darts in front of me to pull over. Several more times she tried to race me and crash into me but I avoided. Moral of the story…… Day 3 and I still don’t like kids in or around my vacation. We then had some crabcake sandwiches back in town and after lunch the sun came out so off to the beach again. Dinner was at this place called the club car. Food was great, the resturaunt has a old train car build onto the side that houses the bar. It seems very popular with the vacation going locals. Mostly Harvard grads gathered around the piano ackwardly singing songs they don’t know drinking scotch and slaping each other on the back while hitting on some girl named Buffy who turned him down last night. I forgot my asscot at the hotel so we avoided the bar there.

vacation day 2
vacation is all about napping and that was the order of the day. The staff here at the “house of seven gables” wakes the guests up early with their continental breakfest by knocking softly on your door untill you answer it. Anyway that helped us get out early and rent some bikes so we could cruise the island. After that it was to the beach to get some sun. Kate walked along the shore picking up the treasures of the sea. While I napped the day away as I tend to do. We had lunch at the “jetties shack” and then went back to our spot on the beach to find a family of 6 sitting almost on top of us. As four little rich children tend to do screaming and whinning was the order of their day. The mother then pulled out the last in the seires of Harry Potter book and began to read out loud. Kate and I hate Harry Potter and cringed at the turn of events. We both thought that at most this could only go on for 15 minutes or so, but then 2 hours later she was still reading in the most robot monotone voice I’ve ever heard. After listning to the last half of the book i have no idea how anyone follows that shit. Anyway the rest of the day was full of more napping and then a late dinner where i tried the local beer. The pale whale ale. Ha ha mobie dick man.
here’s a picture i took of the beach. Sadly this was before the harry potter family showed up. Sorry the phone takes crappy pictures on super bright sun like most cameras do. Stay tuned for day 3

vacation day 1
hello from Nantucket everyone Cowboy Kate and I got on a plane yesterday after noon and flew to this little island of wealth and white people. I’m trying my best to fit in and luckly i got the white part down. Flying in last night i was asking kate if the airport really looked like the one they used on NBC’s hit series Wings (google it). I took a picture for you because it got me all excited. We had lobster and steamers last night the lobster was great the steamers were full of shell fish poo. Today is the beach and biking I’m putting on my salmon colored shorts and my polo shirt (collar down…..ass) and hopeing for the best. Kate is sorry she brought me but happy shes on vacation.

Thursday night I lived the dream. For reasons I can’t explain I’ve lossesly bases my life around the code of the beastie boys. What’s the code of the beastie boys you ask? Well (smart guy) they are simply about fun and haveing a good time. Which these days seems to be harder and harder to find. Anyway MCA, AdRock, and MikeD although now in their late 30’s came out with loads of energy. Sadly i cant say the same for the crowd. Most of them on their early 30 stood apatheticly listening trying not to have a good time. That didn’t stop me from haveing the time of my life. As Kate can atest to I had a dumb shit smile on my face the entire time. I couldnt have been happier its like being able to do something you thought you missed out on. Like for example a historian being able to go back and experience the Kennedy assanination. Ok bad example but you hey what I’m going for. Anyway they played all the songs you could ask for along with a few off thier new instermental album released earlier this month. With out a doubt AdRock seems to lead the group in enthusiasim while Mike D seems to be the smooth guy, poor MCA looks as if he’s 60 and needs a nap. It almost kind of sad the way he slouches on stage and seems to gather up an extra effort to get up front to rap his parts. Although if I was 40 singing song I wrote at 19 I might be less than hype and feel a bit tired of the whole thing. It also could have been the fact that less than half the crowd knew the songs. I feel like there’s more to write about such an important event on the life of Paul but I don’t know what else to say except it was great and I may be too big of a fan……… Clearly….. As always I took as much video as I could because there’s no chance of any pictures turning out.

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What to blog about? The heat? Last weekend? The presidential debates? bridges colapsing? movies? does any of it really seem that interesting? I don't know about you but blogging once a week about going to the bar or the occasional movie just seems too tired for words. Does this mean dport7 has seen the end of the road? Maybe, but maybe it just means the topics need to be more diverse. Yeah let's try that for a while and if it works we'll keep this thing going. if not? Well I'll stop paying for server space I guess. I don't about you but I've stopped reading this tripe.
If you get the chance pick up the new wilco album its a bit slow but i've been listening to it a lot and its pleasant to say the least. I've also really been enjoying the new spoon album. I know your not all spoon fans but its packed with feel good songs that keep you going all day. Although if you hate spoon this album isn't going to change your mind.