hello warm weather and thank you mother nature. this weekend was the first real touch of spring we’ve had here in the city. i spent most of the weekend in central park with kate and ian. the grass was green some flowers in bloom and the chance to get a little color on my face and head. we had a bbq at ian office saturday night and got to further enjoy the great weather. friday i was out with the toda folks for inbal’s birthday. what am i saying here? i took lots of pictures for you so check them out in frames and for the love of god leave some comments,

dport7 faithful; last night i was pleased to be part of the small privileged group that each night represents the nation and it’s hero’s in the audience of the
colbert report. as some of you may know it is my favorite show on television today. i was giving an extra ticket by kate’s roommate jeremy. as if seeing steven colbert wasn’t enough his guest on the program was Paulina Porizkova the ex-supermodel wife of cars lead singer rick ocasek. i being a huge cars fan was hopping for an appearance by ocasek and was shock when he showed up for a cameo. Paulina Porizkova ricks wife is mutant beautiful. from were i was sitting she looked 8 foot tall and cut from marble. needless to say it was a unexpected highlight of my month. even though steven was battling a cold he was full of energy and seemed to really love doing the show. it was amazing how dirty and kinda shitty and small the set was, but it didn’t matter i loved it. special thanks to jeremy and his cousin. Oh if you check out that show when they re-run it this afternoon at like 7pm in the beginning you can see me in my orange wind breaker. or hey go buy it on itunes.

alright everyone this has been a week to forget my friends. for almost all of it i was battling a bitch of the common cold. so much in fact that i called in sick to work on tuesday and wednesday which is a big deal because i haven’t called in sick in a few years now. i’ll tell you what though if your really sick do yourself a favor and take the days off because it really helps man. I’m usually sick twice as long as i was this time. it’s sunday and i feel pretty well. unfortunately because of this illness i was unable to take advantage of the weekend and spent the days sitting in my apt. on my computer.
staring into the warm glow of my powerbook i decided it was time to resurrect pauldiehl.com. this time though it would not be flash. i’ve been burned by flash and i’m going to shy away from doing a full site in it for a while. i decided with this to build a html and css page from the ground up. you might say “hey smart guy this site is html and css what’s the big deal” well smart ass your right but my good friend jenn helped me do most of the heavy lifting on this site so i wanted to try and do one all on my own. if you check it out don’t be turned off by the images up there they are just for placement i’m still working out how the site will be laid out. so check in often as the site progresses.
this is what happens when i’m sick and is raining and no one will hangout.

happy easter everyone from the entire staff here at dport7.com!!!! visited the cathedral today, packed like every year. the yankees game yesterday was without a doubt the coldest game i’ve ever been to. phill and i lasted till the 7th inning the yankees we down 7-4 and it seemed like the team just ran out of steam. phil called when i got home and said A-rod (who sucks, says new yorkers) hit a grand slam to win the game. well whatever. anyway put a few pics in fames, and made a special easter surprise pic for you. oh and by the way what’s with all this easter snow right?

so i know most of you are experiencing this and to honest it’s really getting me down. this return to winter is not only uncalled for but just poor taste. today i’m braving the crap weather to join phill anderson for a yankees game. he got free tickets and i have a hard time saying know to anyone. why? because i’m easy. if you see old man winter tell him i’m mad as hell and he needs to get out of the way because it’s spring time and i’m way too pasty white.