OMG the wii
that’s right kids i got my hands on the new nintendo wii. i just couldn’t resist.. i’m not really a video game person and haven’t even played a nintendo since i still lived at home in ohio. the wii is amazing though. i just have wii sports and man is it fun. the controller really follows you movement well. the tennis is my favorite and boxing is fun too. my friend from work ray came over to help test it out and we both agreed it was crazy fun. the system itself has a lot of cool features like the wii news and weather channels and an online store to buy old nintendo and sega games…. I couldn’t resist and bought the original super mario brothers. you can play with up to four people so i need to get atlest one more wii remote. man it’s just really fun….
so to buy the games from the online store you have to purchuse “wii points” which is kinda a racket. it’s 500 points for a old nintendo game ($5) and 800 points for super nintendo games. it thought that was a bit steep but i’m a sucker.

so come on over and play.

today in attempt to do something with my weekend, i made my way down the street to the brooklyn museum . it was the last day of the Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life, 1990–2005. i’ve seen posters for it on the subway and it looked like it might be interesting. when i got to the museum it became clear that i wasn’t the only person that waited till the last day. i joined a line that snaked around the museum for days…. in total i spent a little under 2 hours in line to see a exhibit i wanted to see just so i could save face on monday morning when i’m asked the obligatory question “how was your weekend?”. Standing in a line that long by yourself really is an interesting experience. most people come to these things in a group so if your a loner your left to listen in on the conversations going on around you. conversations going on around me in such a situation always consist of a group of two girls and one dude. the dude is usually boarder line gay if not “out and proud”. if the gay dude isn’t dominating the conversation about how fabulous he is then the girls are holding a boarder line dude hostage with a conversation about a feud they’re in with another girl or (and this is my personal favorite) telling each other how men fall in love with them and stock them around every corner. Usually upon hearing this i roll my eyes and then wonder for a moment “does this group behind me have one of the most beautiful women in the free world.” I think to myself “turn around and behold a beauty you can’t help but fall for”. with out fail i turn around and there’s a short round pale blond girl stand there with a wonky tooth and a lazy eye. Inner beauty paul inner beauty……

anyway after two hours of that i got to the exhibit and it was cool. it always makes me jealous that there is a person out there that gets to live in the light of greatness and fame their entire adult life only to walk among the rest of us as if she; just like me is stuck plugging away at a blinding will crushing computer all day. working only to buy a nintendo wii when again they hit stores. so the picture is just because i love the durst and so does the brooklyn museum.

and now…. a pointless blog

first off if your a frequent reader i again feel as if i’m right on the edge.

also why is that at the grocery store they only sell pretzel sticks by the cubic ton! i have to carry this stuff home on the train you think we could offer a decent size bag. but no, not pretzel stick, it’s like in a feed size bag.

it’s occurred to me that working in a corporate office is sadly a lot like high school. I could list off a bunch of reasons why, but may favorite is the most despicable. Only the guys will know this one but it’s amazing. so as you might know from your HS days the dirty guys in school tend to pick their nose and place it on the wall above the urinal…. to my astonishment on my floor at work (where the bathroom is shared with several other offices on the floor) the same practices are being used. i was a little surprised and the sight of it made me laugh…. then i just thought man that’s sad.

so good news everyone I can finally visit all the international members of dport7.I got my passport. we are very popular in other countries we’re the jerry lewis and david hasselhoff of the internet. i’m a god in moscow.

OH man so on friday hung out with tyson (hook up that blog man)and the guys. got a good picture in china town check it out . we went to this cool place deep on the lower east side called good world bar and grill that wait staff was snotty but the food was good and the bar had good decor.

then saturday the andersons (phill’s parents) took us all to see the ranger’s game. right on!!! madison square garden at 2:00pm to see the boston (sucks) bruins lose to our home team 3-1.. what made it better was the penalty shot i have for you to view here on the post. the best part was the goalie was kinda a sore loser getting pissed off and knocking the puck out of the goal like an ass. is this a result of being from boston?…. no no no i have no problem with people from boston i’ve just been told that they indeed suck by just about everyone in this city including all the boughs… I don’t want to believe everything I hear but you can make up your mind after you watch the clip.

last we got a long weekend this weekend and for that i say thanks Dr. King!!!!! i might go skate tomorrow hooray.

(double click to play)

here’s a small update just to keep you fix going.

last night i was out to dinner with some friends on the lower westside. (which by the way I think is one of the nicer areas of the city) we were at this restaurant called bar pitti we walked in and turned the corner and sitting at the table next to use was sara jessica parker.(i know the dport7 faithful loves the famous people) to be honest she look like you would expect meaning i don’t think she’s one of those – look one way on tv and look totally different in real life. It looked like she was eating/having a meeting with a interior decorator because the had swatches out on the table. now i know what your think “paul why no picture for dport7”. well the thing is here in nyc is that there is a real public pressure to leave famous people alone when you see them. its kind of a unwritten rule you have to follow…. trust me if we had just been on a quite street i would have gone for the photo-op. either way no matter how jaded or cool you think you are it’s always fun to see stars of the caliber…..

i’m so excited by the iphone i’m worried for my health. for real if you have the time, and your interested watch the keynote from steve. there’s nothing about the iphone that isn’t impressive. what’s so exciting for me is the idea of being able to blog with pictures anytime anywhere. the reason i never got a differn’t smart phone is because they don’t fully access the internet so i was never sure if it would work with blogger…. now though i’m in. oh man the built in camera means more blogs, more on the go photos and more dport7 all around. it’s really exciting for mobile communication. it looks as if other 3rd party applications will be able to be developed so everything from personal widgets to ftp clients may be possible. the long and short of all this is that i’m a huge nerd about this stuff, but i can’t help it, i just get really excited. oh man if you get a chace check out the google maps stuff, talk about never getting lost again or having to print out directions. either way the entire thing sound really exciting now we all just gotta wait till june. the good news about that is we can start setting aside some cash because the little bugger cost $599 and that’s alot of ballons pal. tell me what your thinking about it.

so I’ve cataloged the frames from 2006 and started 2007. just in case you were concerned that i lose interest in doing the site. anyway the first shots from 07 are from my visit to the new york natural history museum . this might sound like a little of the homogay but i heard that they had a exhibit on butterflies where you are in a conservatory and exotic butterflies fly around you and possibly land on your nose. so i called up the swanson brothers and being that they too love butterflies we all headed over there. i thought it might be some funny video of the site ,but sadly the exhibit was sold out so we just had to walk around the rest of the museum. as some of you might know i tend to get board fast and just kinda fly through the first floor of the museum and then take monkey pictures and head for the bar. oh well maybe next time….

tuesday is the mac world keynote get hype

Well everyone it’s the first real post of 2007 and i have nothing but fun for you.

1. you might have noticed a few little tweaks here on the site. new background new banner ( which will be a much better design once i get un lazy) and a new rendering of the robot. with any luck 2007 will bring a whole new meaning to robot heaven along with some more/ better content.

2. for those of you that love dport7 but are finding it hard to leave your desktop and open a browser, does the staff have the ticket for you. the all NEW First Version of the DPORT7 WIDGET!!!!! (click to download) so those of you running OSX tiger will be able to quickly and easily check out what’s new on dport7 (pictures included) sorry no video yet. this being the first version i haven’t added any graphics yet but new versions to come soon. for now enjoy

3. what is UP with this F’n weather man. today it was 70 degrees here in Brooklyn. i took the opportunity to make good on my new years resolution and get back to skateboarding. surprisingly it came back pretty quick and i’m hopping to find some good places in the area to skate. the weather although is a bit unnerving. of course it was much more fun to skate then sit in my apartment and freeze…… anyway that’s all i got. if you want to skate with me some time let me know. (tyson i’m looking at you on this one.)

4. monday is mac world get excited…. please god iphone….. please!!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the entire dport7 staff and crew

news flash at the stroke of midnight my cell phone’s sim card expired and is no more.. if your trying to call me i’m sorry but it’s not going to happen. call kate to reach me.

i got a new sim card so call… the bad news is i lost all my numbers so please send me your number via email so i can keep intouch. mailme