so apparently i’m on a mad dash of content before the end of the year. and it’s all for you dport7 faithful… yesterday i went to the new york boat show with the good friend of dport7 jon the jew and our friend virginia. why the boat show? i have no idea they said it would be fun. i was still kinda sick so i couldn’t come up with an argument. we saw a lot of boats, made a few new friends and found the elusive kitten storage in a 40 foot yacht. the video below details a special moment i had with a wheelie cart at the boat show… it had nothing to do with boats but it put the sunshine in my heart.
after the show we all made our way back to my place in brooklyn (my first house guests) we drank the pbr and talked jon into using my clippers to shave his head just like it do… (i took some video and i’ll post it if anyone wants to see it) watched some HD and then got the the G train to williamsburg so test out a new little bar called Levee. i had to cut out early knowing that if i continued the sickness from the last few days my come back to reclaim my new years enthusiasm… check out the SLIDE for shots from the day.

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so i flew home today and had a lay over in detroit, the nicest huge airport i’ve been in. we all know what a shit palace LGA is so i thought i would bring you a little detroit fab to you here in dportvill. what your watching is the northwest tram that travels back and forth above the terminal floor. i didn’t ride in it but i love it. so if your in detroit in the northwest terminal go for a ride, it doesn’t have a driver so that means it one big robot……. that’s why i love it.
by that way i’m back in brooklyn, but still not feeling so good so stop on by and bring some soup or something.

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you know the days between christmas and the new year always seem kinda strange……. it’s like christmas happened and now it’s just a waiting game for the new year… unfortunately 2006 couldn’t slip away with out giving me one last cold so i’m spending this years “waiting game” with a head full of snot. christmas went well. i got a new robot t-shirt and a upgrade for final cut express (big new movie in 07) and an itunes gift card from john. on the day after christmas i drove up to toledo to see my good old best friend brian…. unfortunately the illness was just starting to set in so i only stayed for a few hours…. we drove around town a bit talked of people we used to know and drank some great lakes beers….. after dinner with him and dad i headed back to defiance to pass out for the next two days…. back to new york tomorrow …….. whats up for new years you ask? nothing man i’m over that racket. check out brian’s beard…. oh i forgot to mention for those of you that have been around for the last few new years i’m again growing my holiday mustache, look for awful pictures soon!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas from

here’s a quick update on the past few days.

kate and the roommate’s and i had a small gift exchange and well kate out did her self this year and got me a red/orange eames injection molded arm chair. didn’t see it coming really and i’m blown away at the magnitude of this gift. in a word thank-you.

phil nicole and I along with to other doctor friends ended up at my most favorite destination for the holidays in new york on friday night. no not rockefeller no it’s a small karaoke bar in china town. i’ve ended up at this place on several separate occasions and every time it’s around the holidays. either way you can’t lose this the songs only listed by title and a sound system that has been blown out so may times it sounds like there’s one tiny speaker behind the toilet in the bathroom that’s doings it’s best to push my “like a prayer” rendition across the bar. we all did our best to hold the karaoke machine hostage by doing more songs than anyone else in the bar ever wanted to here. phil and i definitely didn’t do wake me up before you go go…… that might be the homo gay

lastly i got a head start on my new years resolution…… that’s right my planing to better myself in 07 by skateboarding again. i went to the skate shop today and bought a new enjoi deck. Check it out. i thought it was hilarious. i found a few skate parks around brooklyn and i couldn’t be more excited. i’m always my happiest when i’m skateboarding so let;s just hope i don’t get hurt at all.

uhhhh so last night was the entire office christmas party as this place called
Guastavino’s which happens to be under the queens bough bridge. The place was really impressive. it’s this reception hall that’s literally built into the bridge and exposing the architecture as the interior decor. i have to say i had a much better time this year than last year. why? mainly because I know more people now so the awkward feeling is lessened. over all it was a good night i didn’t say or do anything too stupid and other than a bit of dancing i don’t think i embarrassed myself too horribly. sadly the after party was less than worth while so one of the other guys i work with and I jumped in a cab and went to a local bar down town for a few more.

hey for those of you that keep up as web site check out this thing
fireftp. it’s an extenion for firefox that puts an ftp client in your browser. i just set it up here and it really handy for times your not on your home computer.

#1.. My brother john was on TV the new for a medical study he did on hockey players. boy genius got his paper published and the doctors liked it so much they put it on the news check it out (you have to scroll down the page to the medical section and click on the hockey link)

#2.. i went to a christmas party at BVA’s and Gonz’s house on friday night after the nice christmas party (that’s where ian works) ian got preoccupied at his party so i headed out to BVA’s and Gonz’s here in brooklyn. it was a pajama party, i had no idea. the shot below is BVA and his brother DVA who happens to be a industrial designer with his own little firm in atlanta called thing farm.

#3.. i have been watching the Rob and Big show on MTV; and i love it. Rob Dyrdek has been a pro skateboarder for Alien workshop and DC for as long as i can remember. to he honest i remember seeing him is skate magazines since i was in high-school, and i always though he looked like kind of an ass. after watching the show it turns out he’s a pretty good guy. pretty funny and well spoken and over all cool. his friend Big is just as cool. i watched the entire season today and if you have time i suggest you do the same… the show kinda makes me jealous because after 8 years of skateboarding i was never very good and going pro was no where near happening. i wish i could skate all day instead of computer modeling but i guess it just wasn’t in the cards.

well everyone i’m officially feeling the holiday season. the office parties are starting which means people all over america are embarrassing themselves in a mistaken drunken attempt to get to know their co-workers on a more personal level. it is after all the hap-happiest season of allllllllll. I had my annual team (the team for the client i work for) end of year/christmas party dinner. things on this account are going well so we went to the most over priced restaurant in the most over priced part of town the meat packing district. if you’ve been down there you might have seen the old home stead steak house. it has a big cow sign out side and the only thing they do is steaks…. let me just say that i had the best steak i will ever have that night. dinner took like 3 hours but it was worth it. I held on to my wits over the long dinner and even saw a C list celebrity. for all you american idol fans yes it’s true taylor hicks looks like a massive tool in real life too. the night ended at a cigar bar down the street and as i smoked my free cigar i became proud of myself knowing i hadn’t said or did anything stupid i would be embarrassed about the next day. that’s when i decided that was a miracle and said good bye to the group snagged a cab and went home.

so it’s time for an update.

#1 so as some of you may know i’m a hardened criminal and last friday Dec.1 i took the trip out to union turnpike in queens to pay from my open container violation. after arriving out in the outer bounds of queens in the early morning i made my way to borough hall to stand in what i thought would be a forever line. to my surprise there was no line and i walked right in. after security worked me over i went in to court only to find out that my case had been dismissed. the man at the computer checking my information told me that a letter was sent out to inform me that i didn’t have to make the trip out there…….. flash forward to monday of this week when i check my mail and receive the letter telling me the oh so valuable information……. i’ll leave you to think your own commentary from here. oh i took a picture of borough hall for you

#2 i would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to HD. i took today and tomorrow off of work so i decided to see if i could straighten out this whole HD thing. so it turns out the guy that installed my cable box didn’t give me the HD component cables. they’re the green red and blue that replace that single yellow plug you have at regular tv. anyway ever since I turned on the HD channels with the right cables i have been mesmerized. the channel 4 news has crazy good HD and it is awesome… long story short i’m feeling like an idiot for not figuring this out sooner. i guess though i can blame the cable guy.

#3 good news i got a raise at work starts….. in january… so that’s good.

#4 saw a good movie the other night calledBaxter …. it’s from guys that did wet hot american summer…. to tell you what i really enjoyed it. it was a kate pick and she totally redeemed herself with this one

so we visited jersey city, new jersey this weekend to see LIFE by tyson thorne. to be honest people say a lot of things about new jersey and honestly out by newark most of those things are true, but jersey city was a pleasant surprise. it is just across the river and just one stop on the path train. tyson was having what i believe to be his fist photography show. as expected it was brilliant and tyson being that shroud self promoter wanted in-depth dport7 coverage. honestly its probably the best time I’ve had at any kind of art related event. I got to see some great photos and some old friends from toda. my good old danish friend lasse was back from Copenhagen which was cool. he’s back at toda for another run. lydia and chris came out and there were a few others. anyway after the show we went to dinner and that where all the pictures we taken. so here’s all the promotional pictures click on the image below and see.

on saturday we hung out with sam and brina and brian gave me a birthday painting (click for image) it is super exciting because no one has ever painted me anything before. keeping in the style of dport7 it a robot. although this robot has a special advantage…. he found the remote the owner misplaced and now in a play for independence controls himself…… don’t be surprised if you see a 3D version of this little guy on the site soon to keep killroy on his toes.