i feel as if i have had several revelations lately. ok so 1. HD is load of shit man. I have a “HD TV” and I got HD cable and first off there are only like 7 channels that are even in HD. Then i come to find out when i compare HD channels to non-HD channels that the difference is minimal at best. what’s all hype about how much better HD looks than regular TV. is there something wrong with my eyes. maybe my eyes can only see standard def. anyway it just seem like rip off to me.

next number 2 revelation. i have noticed while listening to other people that i am indeed not worldly. so many other people my age have lived abroad or spent time over seas. now, yes it is true that i have been to europe some years ago, i was on a bus trip with my family and only received a very tourist bus type experience of another culture. i’m talking about trips as an older individual anyway. i feel as if i should be wasting my money on backpacking trips over seas instead of on lies in technology. (although i never will)

lastly number 3 revelation. my apartment cost too much…….. i have this revelation all the time….. just thought i’d write it down for once.

so i got back from thanksgiving in ohio today around 10am. it was nice to see everyone and of-course enjoyed seeing my brother john (who’s blog has recently become an international blogisphere powerhouse). My mom has a fresh batch of kitten running around the house, and everyone had to comment on my new hair cut. every time i go home like that i think about the movie home for the holidays. i know it’s a bit of the homogay but it’s pretty funny and i’ve always had a thing for holly hunter i guess.

anyway when i was home everyone was talking about decorating for the holiday’s and to be honest with you I’m not a decorator. i don’t like trinkets or ornaments. but dport7 is a different story. for some reason i love to do different holiday things here on the site. so i decided that the splash page was and has become kind of an annoyance. i set up my bookmarks to skip it completely. i know some of you like the changing graphics that existed on the splash page so i’m going to just try and bleed this over into the top banner. this is my first shot at a flash based banner so i don’t know if I’m quite happy with the layout of it but hey it’s up and working. oh if you think the snow is blowing a bit too hard run your mouse up there and your able to control it.

going to the airport has turned in to the last thing i ever want to do. a few years ago the thought of flying some were… anywhere was exciting. now even though i don’t really travel that much it seems to be a chore i’d rather put off as long as possible. right now I’m on a nwa flight back home for thanksgiving. i know it seems odd mainly because i haven’t been home for this holiday in like 7 years. i tend to shy away from thanksgiving because of it’s pushing of food…. usually food i can’t eat (dairy hates me). anyway back to the airport. going through security really isn’t that bad. what annoys me is the line of frantic women laying in to some homeland security officer about how she “went to the website and knows for a fact that she can bring that exact amount of lip gloss and hand cream on the plane” for the love of god just buy it when you get there. after i get my belt back on i head to my gate to sit in the dirtiest waiting area in new york. looking around i swear i’ve seen subway stations cleaner than this terminal. looking for an isolated seat there are always a good amount of attractive girls waiting for my same flight. being shy and in a 5 year relationship i head for the corner. Although i always hope to have one of those attractive young ladies in my assigned row on the plane….. after a few quick phone calls i get in line like cattle to board, and without fail (and this has happened several times i sit next to a older gentleman with a 1889 style walkman with a taped talk radio program from NPR blaring. i tend to sit in the isle so that always leaves the middle man to be kind of a hopeful surprise. again with out fail this is the very last person on the plane. it’s as if i requested to sit next to the person that had a frantic time getting to the airport that day. and of course again without fail it’s not one of the attractive fell dressed young ladies from the terminal. oh no……. it’s always a middle aged dude that smells like a subway sandwiches. if that wasn’t disappointing enough 10 minutes into the flight the subway sandwich dude’s wife comes and says that she needs to sit next to him because she’s freaking out. so because she seemed frantic i quickly agreed the trade sit. turns out the frantic with was in a window seat tucked in by two obese women. thats when i decided to order a whiskey and check out sky mall. that were i found the marshmallow gun you se pictured below. god save us all!!!

i spent the better part or this evening trying to figure out why my laptop wouldn’t load blogger pages. well it turns out that if you have been messing with your proxys in you internet connections blogger straight up doesn’t like it. anyway. it also kinda exciting that blogger beta is up for those of us that run our blogs off our FTP’s. we now have tags which blogger calls labels. I’m going to see if i can get them figured out but no promises on when.
in other news kate and I went to see ben foldes on friday and sadly i think i’ve just out grown the guy. i still like some of his songs but to be honest with you he seems a bit arrogant in some of his music. maybe it just because he’s not “cool anymore” but i hate to say that. one can’t live or die on “coolness” anyway the real treat of the night was the guy that opened for ben named corn mo this guy was hilariouse. i mean you really had to see him to apprecite it but i have become a fan. i was able to take some video of corn mo singing my new favorite song robert holiday. he kinda reminds me of this guy brian and i used to listen to in high school named wally pleasent. exept corn mo is a bit cooler and funnier. so if your looking to see a show and it has a guy opening named corn mo get there early and enjoy.

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uuuuhhhhuhuhh what a week. i can’t even really explain why this week has been sooo bad but it has taken forever. long story short lots of work mom in town and it rained the entire time. so with that said let me take you to the high point of the week. wednesday, my mom who spent the week running around the city going to the view having fun and collecting free stuff got us tickets to see the martin short musical fame becomes me. honestly i didn’t thing it would be very good but it certainly had so funny parts. my mom laughed the entire time, i thought it was pretty good and kate…. well kate was just happy to go to a show. check out the picture of martin,… mom saw him outside the theater and snapped a shot. the man puts on a incredibly high energy show and for that we thank the little guy.

yeah so i think i just recovered from being 26. to be honest i kept it pretty simple yesterday just dinner and the bar with a few friends. hey a big thanks to everyone that showed up last night and bought me a drink. oh what did i get you ask? well kate got me the remaining beastie boys LP albums i needed to complete my collection. I’ll be framing the other ones i have and be hanging them up in the apt. so it looks less like a prison. i’ll post a picture when i get them all up. kate’s parents also sent me a poster for the apartment wall that has to be the most beautifully matted and framed piece of art I’ve ever received. my brother john came through with a beautiful card and donation. i even received a few phone calls (thanks dan). the other great surprise was that on friday my office agreed to replace my stolen camera. So i went out to bestbuy on saturday and got a hot new canon point and shoot. oh hey special thanks to sam and brina for the ninja gear. check out the party pic’s I know it’s always the same people and i usually make all the same faces but hey what do you want from me……. oh wait but i thought this picture was far and away the funniest. i don’t remember taking it and i think sums up the entire evening.

so check this out! my canon powershot digital camera got stolen off my desk at work!!!!!!!! Yes the little guy that’s been bringing you all the inspiring images on dport7 for the past 3 years has been lost to the hands of a criminal. i gotta say it makes me a little sad to think that someone where i work may have lifted the camera right off my desk at 2 in the afternoon. I only have fond memories of the little guy. he’d been through a lot. a short time in Cincinnati, then California and then pulling it’s longest shift here in new york. being that presently i’ve been trying to not spend the money i won’t be rushing out to by a new one. although i have to say if i did i’d rock the same thing. either way you can thank the bastard that stole my camera for the new lack of fresh photos on the site.

in other news i saw borat last night….. funny…… a bit to gross…… threw down some pabst with the kids after the show. all and all a good time even though the movie could have been a bit better. less male nudity and a bit more situational humor.

I was walking to kate’s house from the subway this afternoon and felt the familiar sorrow of fall late afternoon sunlight. The soft shadows that plague the street and the blinding orange sunlight that starts signaling the end of the day at 3pm. I guess i cant say it’s depressing but it just seems to be a reminder that summer is really really over and that the winter with it’s cruel tricks and angry wind is coming to get me. I can’t explain why but late fall afternoons have always mad me feel kinda sad like this. I guess it’s the colors or maybe it’s just the fact that i have to work tomorrow (sunday) and I’m taking out my frustration on fall. man……. I’m sorry fall.