so this weekend was kinda slow nothing big to report really. on saturday night i stayed out here in brooklyn and went to a halloween party thrown by one of the girls at work. to be honest i don’t really know the people i work with that well. plus she’s on the account side and i interact with them even less. i thought because it was so close and because i don’t often go out here in brooklyn i should give it a shot. it was kinda fun because i didn’t know anyone there really and they were all singing and crazy by the time i got there. long story short they were all dressed up like the girls from the robert palmer video “addicted to love”. The girl i know had her boyfriend decked out to look like palmer and to be honest he did his best and must be a great sport. Anyway once i got there they insisted on doing a palmer song and were all excited for me to video it with my still camera. they don’t even know about dport7. Some how word got out that it could go on youtube and the excitement exploded. after the performance we went to a bar down the street i think called south paw and danced the night away.

(double click to play)

alright everyone as you might know I received my couch on tuesday and now i actually go over to that side of the apartment. that said now i have this overwhelming urge to buy a tv. of course as we all know i don’t have cable anymore so this is a bit of a situation. I do still have DVDs and i may join netflixs. Anyway long story short if I’m going to buy a new tv i feel as if i should buy a good one, I saw at best buy a 32″ Westinghouse LCD flat panel and it kinda lit my heart ablaze. It is kinda of hard on the bank account but for an HDTV is really cheap. So yet again I’m calling on you dport7 faithful to help me with the thought process and justification on this purchase.

ladies and gentlemen check it out i got tired of making my hair jump through hoops and just went for the big buzz. no more puff no more hair products just a buzz cut shadow of what used to be. as we have seen throughout the years my hair has taken may forms. i think this will be it’s final form and to be honest i think in a few weeks i’ll be used to it. The people at work all had quite a reaction. i mean it is a drastic change. i never understand though why people feel the need to act like a persons hair or lack there of makes a difference. like i said it was kind of a shocker so i guess you can’t blame people. the next step is to buy some clippers to maintain it and see how that works out. so far the reactions have been pretty positive but people tend to side on saying things nicely. rather than tell you, you look like a tool. anyway decide for yourself.

is anyone else sick of blogger being down all the time? It’s really starting to piss me off…. anyway sorry for that. well this weekend has really turned into how i returned my cable box. other that that it’s been kinda slow almost disappointing, although for the disappointment i only have myself to blame. friday night was kinda slow sam kate and i went to see marie antoinette it was slow and void of any real focus. it seemed if sofia coppola couldn’t decided what kinda story she wanted to tell. was it going to be an modern adaptation of marie antoinette’s life or a semi historical bio film. of course it was a beautiful movie because how do you make versailles un-spectacular.

saturday was pretty much blown trying to return my cable box to cablevision. when i canceled my cable service the dumb shit on the phone gave me a bogus address for the location of the cablevision drop off here in brooklyn. I googlemapped the address and decided because i haven’t had much chance to ride my bike as of late that i should ride there. not realizing how far it was i put the items for return in my backpack and headed deep into brooklyn. when i get around the nonexistent address i started asking people in the area for 10-20 flatlands ave and was informed that there is no such address. at that point i was sure i was screwed. by the grace of God a cablevision van drove by and i chased him down to find out i had to backtrack a quarter of the way. after some more riding and getting lost i found it. then stood in line for 20min with people that only leave their homes and bags of chips because their remotes broke. people say the mid-west has a weight problem but so does the brooklyn when it comes the cable subscribers that break remotes (most likely by sitting on them). luckly they accepted my cable box for return, no problem. exhausted i took the subway home and collapsed at 4K. when i woke i went to see a good friend of the site steve for a drink at union hall.

rollover image to see map. notice the green patch (prospect park) it’s huge….. for scale.

so i’m ganna keep the post about this weekend short. Main thing is that friday i got my gas turned on and i tried you pay off my ticket for my open container violation that resulted in a summons ticket. long story short on the ticket, i rode all the way out to the end of queens on the subway and to my dismay fat ass mcPork cop told me that because my ticket says dec. 1 on it the best i can hope for is to pay it a week before that. Although the cop that gave me the ticket (who apparently is an international dumbshit) told me i could pay it at any point and that infact it is best to pay it sooner than later. WOW….. i hate this.

Saturday night was a surprise party for a friend of the site brian pike. he has decided to leave our fair city for the bright lights of nashville. he never struck me as a country singer but hey you put a hat and boots on anyone and they could be the next country superstar. We went to union pool where rebecca had everyone meet to wish brian a surprise goodbye. Although a bit under the weather it was great to see all the apple folks again. ofcourse best of luck to brian. check out the slide for all the shots i could get.

sleep for me

today i was sitting at work and decided to listen to pandora for a while and the first song that came on was from cake. i’ve had cake songs in the library for along time and every time i re-discover them i’m pleasantly surprised and for some reason refreshed by their wit and song style. then i started to think maybe i should use cake as a guideline for my life. meaning that before i commit to being friends with someone i would inconspicuously play one of cake’s may charming songs and wait for their reaction. for a flashing moment this seemed like the key to life. then moments later the haze of the morning burned off and i realized yet again that I’m an idiot. man i know i’ve written bad blog entries in the past and this one isn’t the worst but it’s up there. anyway here’s the song. oh yeah the song is called Italian Leather Sofa and it’s off the Fashion Nugget album, which i believe was their first major album. oh as for copyright infringement sorry I’m just promoting the band without their written consent…. tough!

man this weekend was out of control. friday night I went to kareoke with some kids from work at sing sing in the east village. there i learned a lesson….. a lesson to live by. if your going to be in a room with five other people singing songs its best to make sure ahead of time that other people in the room know Foreigner’s Jukebox Hero. As some of you may know i had some small local fame in savannah for my renditions of Jukebox Hero. sadly word of skills haven’t spread to new york. anyway after that embarrassment i came back strong with a few other songs.

on saturday i worked on freelance all day and then met up with Phil and leena for a little dinner and la paella. it was really small inside and the food was small too but it was good. after that we met up with my good old best friend from my days at toda Shannon from seattle. Her and her friend were in town for there yearly visit. we met up in the east village and and then headed to the bar that god forgot called off the wagon to see our friend tyson for the big 30 birthday party. after a quick hello and happy birthday we had to get out of off the wagon for fear someone was going to touch us in the swim suit area. anyway it was great to see shannon we all wish she would move back here…… for real!!

sunday i just finished some freelance work and finally got something to eat……..

Ok so i guess i owe an update on this one. I got my laptop back on tuesday with a brand new harddrive new ram and even a foot on the bottom i was missing. sadly though the data was all lost. i’ll live. Why new ram you ask? well it turns out i had bad ram the guy that called me from the apple store said that’s what caused the harddrive to crash so hard but I don’t know about that. as you might know i moved and it turns out with my rotten luck there is not a open wifi signal in my area so the updates to the site are going to be slow till october 13 when my DSL gets turned on.

in other news yes the move went smoothly and the new place is great. For a NYC apt. it pretty large. It’s a bit weird living alone but i think it’s just intensified because I have no internet or tv. hmmmmmmmmm it seems like i have something else to tell you but i guess that’s it. Oh I bought a couch…. yeah I’m real excited but it doesn’t get delivered for like 3 weeks