So with another work week on the books i decided that I needed to go out and do something friday. ducking out of a office party, I hung out with rebecca¬†and ian. Then ian and I went out to rip things up in the lower east side. Started out at tribe a delightful bar on St. Marks and 1st. They play great music and pour a solid drink. Let’s just say that the bar tender fell in love with ians money and drinking talent and poisoned him with booze. Next thing i know i got a crazy drunk swanson I’m trying to push into a cab before he successfully gets us in several fights. awesome

Well my friends it’s that time of year. Tax Time. As you may know in past years tax time didn’t really apply to me because I couldn’t make enough money to even pay taxes or for that matter get a refund. in 2005 i saw a sudden burst of employment which made me taxable. Turns out the city of new york felt as if they didn’t steal enough of my money. They now claim I owe then $280 in fees just because (they say) they didn’t take enough. I’m a citizen of new york and there for i add to this over priced ecomomy every day all year. I think they have taken enough. the Feds are giving back and with that i bought the Nikon D50 SLR. OH man the pictures are soo clear.

hello from a holiday weekend. That’s right presidents day is cool. I never remember having it off as a kid, but that could be because i went to catholic school and the division of church and state. senate don’t believe in JC and JC don’t believe in NO senate. Anyway this weekend we were graced with the presence of Phil Anderson and his lady Leena. in a word too much! I danced a little at the bar and got crazy then we moved on toSing Sing a karaoke place in the east village where i sang till may my throat hurt soo bad phil said i may need surgery and them punched my in the adams apple to relieve the swelling.

as you may have noticed I’ve been a bit slow in adding new content to dport7. Here’s the thing i got technology over load and i haven’t even been using my laptop. Moving servers and doing other work on dport7 has been frustrating and has knocked me out of the game for a while. On top of that the news that tomkat might be calling it quits has really set me back emotionally. i’m finding it hard to get out of bed and when i open my eyes in the morning life seems so grey knowing that tom and katie may infact not be together forever. it’s just all more than i can handle.

so ok 26.9 inches of snow here. does anyone get a day off? NO! Of course new york was all clear by monday morning. trains running fine and sidewalks clear. In brooklyn there is still over a foot of snow blowing around and children playing in it. manhattan has no such time for that nonsense. one observation about the entire event is that snow acts as a sort of city wide blacklight for dog pee. So that’s helpful. Oh and the fish died. No fear though we’ll get you a new one soon. Keep the names coming.

So thanks for bearing with me as dport7 goes through some changes. Anyway last night Ian bought a fish. Why? Not sure but I’ve deemed him the dport7 fish. Being that he doesn’t have a name yet the little guy is calling out ton the members of dport7 to give him a cool name. Other than that this is a really slow weekend NO parties no movies no nothing. I’t seems like there was a day years back when I was fun. oh well.

So as you may have noticed dport7 has been acting a bit strange the last few days. Why? Well dport7 is still young and as it grows it becomes a bit harder to keep control of. I compare it to a child in it’s early highschool years. When the parents say hey were moving to a new town. They freak out and locks themselves in their room. Well I had to tell dport7 we were moving servers. Well as you might guess the site was none to happy, started to cry and told me it hates me. I got the comments working last night, and blogger hooked up but most of the images don’t seem to link up but it’s just a matter of time. My email should be working now but things still seem to be a bit shaky. Anyway stay with us big things to come with this server change.

So I know it’s been a while but I’ve been doing stuff. On wednesday night I went to go see my good friend Jon Hildenstein’s band the Jon Hildenstines Sextet. Let my just say straight out that it was really great. The band was a finely tuned song making machine. i enjoyed the entire set and look forward to their next show. Last night Kate and i went to go see capote. WOW it was heavy. A very intense film but we both enjoyed it and think that it is indeed oscar worthy.