So it’s halloween again, and again I have no costume or clever idea on what to be. Every year on halloween we see people with supper funny costumes and we come up with great ideas that we say we will save for next year. “Oh next year will be the year my friends” we always say with foolish glee. Then the next year rolls around and the sad fact that I can’t remember all the great ideas slaps me across the face and shames me for another year. Anyway have a happy halloween weekend. Even though halloween is on monday. We a fools for holidays man.

Oh so much to talk about. First off dport7 would like to thank ian swanson for his new contribution, “rear view” as you can see below it’s our new movie and we think you’ll all enjoy it. Chances are if you know us your in it, and if your not shoot us an email and we’ll put you in. The other big news is that i nerded out and got the new video ipod . OMG this thing is great i hacked two full length feature films onto it (bottle rocket and life aquatic) They both look and play great. It also holds my entire iphoto library and all my music with 16 gigs to spare. My mind is blown. If that wasn’t enough Phil Anderson is in town so last night we saw him and Leena, lovely as always. We met at a swank wine bar in chelsea and enjoyed the visit. After that we had the pleasure of stopping in to wish Maiken a Happy Birthday. So on behalf of dport7 Happy birthday!
So everyone check out the movie and let me know what you think!

Let me just say that i really really really really HATE DELL they are with out a doubt the most supreme of all types of bustards. If there was anyway to get around having a DELL i would avoid it but i need to use studio tools and solid works so i have know choice. DELL claims to have tech support. My computer has been unable to turn on for 2 months now. I called DELL about it two months ago and they said they would send someone to fix it. They lie, I have been on the phone with them a countless number of times since, and no one have ever been to my house. No one ever calls me and when i call DELL to check up they say the technician said he couldn’t get ahold of me and sent the parts back. This has happened 4 times. Tonight I was on with dell for 2 hours I even went as far to threaten the technicians life but again they will send parts that won’t arrive. damn!

So new apple ipods and it stopped raining. Things are good! First off thank God the rain stopped because I was going crazy. Because of this hell rain Kate and i both have lingering colds that won’t leave us alone. In other news the new video iPods are out and I can’t wait to get one. Like the the tool bag I am I already ripped two of my DVD’s and have compressed them and put them in iTunes so I can watch them on the train. Last night we went to ian’s friends house warming party and had few drinks and i danced a bit, cause that’s what i do. The whiskey made my cold a bit worse, but thoughts of the new iPod make me feel better.

For real stop raining. It’s been like a week of being damp and wet and this must end. What happened to fall? Please join me in my campaign against constant rain. Other than that I have no real news except that Apple is going to release new products today and I’m excited!

So first off the weather is all kinda of crap here in New York today. For some strange reason here in Brooklyn they are still having a parade even though the wind is blowing and the rain is vicious. If the rain a the parade weren’t lame enough the S train isn’t running which sucks. Which means I have to walk in the rain a whole lot further. Not Cool. I’m other news a former friend of dport7 Ed Labanski has contacted me with some disturbing news. Apparently he’s not happy with the direction the web site has taken and wanted to voice his opinion. For those of you that don’t know Ed Labanski he was a World Champion bowler in the 1970″s and is friends with Aaron Shurts aka Uncle Urb. A while ago Ed had contacted me to be the lead Banjo player for his new TV show the Ed Labanski show, I declined but we remained friends. Till now. Please CLICK on his name to hear the message he left our staff.

dport7 would like to extend a happy new year to all of our jewish friends. Although as far as I know we only have one jewish member but hey we’re open to all religions here at dport7. Well except scientology that shit is retarded. The staff and i have been trying to rationalize scientology ever since Tommy Cruz went ape shit on the Today show a few moths ago. The entire staff has concluded that the entire belief system is based on a sci-fi novel by some dude. With that said dport7 is considering writting a short pamphlet that the members can base a highly structured belief system around an then call it a religion. If L. Ron Hubbard can do it I can. That guy’s a tool!

So i’m not going to canada, trip cancelled. It’s cool i don’t mind i mean it’s a work trip it’s not like i was going up there to………………. Uh what do people in Canada do anyway i saw strange brew a few times. Oh hockey yes that is why i would be going to canada if i was going on a non-work trip. Wow ok. In other news what the hell is with Chase Bank, so i know everyone knows that when you deposit a check some time it takes some time to clear but that’s crap man. I gave you the money and you(chase) know as well as i do that the company i work for is good for it man. What if i needed to buy a new iPod or cold medicine or the fifth season of friends. For real man help a brother out.

Well as earlier thought and stated by bill we didn’t make it to the zoo this weekend. yesterday we all decided that some of us “mainly me” needed some new threads. I mean come on i have a new job and i need to step up to the plate. kate and i made our way to a car show in central park today for a car show. very nice lots of Ferrari’s we got some pictures so check it out in frames. In other news it turns out work is sending me to Canada this week to check things out. I guess they just want me to meet the people and charm. oh yes charm. this smile wins wars ladies.