I’m glad to see that everyone is enjoying the new Cornelius section of the website. The response has been strong and the questions have been…….revealing. I talked to Cornelius last night and he said he has the most handsomest schedule and that he will be sending in his answers every monday and friday weather permitting. So be on the look out right before or after the weekend to see if the most handsomest unicorn has answered your question.

Say hello to dport7 3.0 . I hope you enjoy the new graphics and soon the ask cornelius section of the site. With new syuff comes new problems. For some reason i can’t get join up or cornelius to work right now. With any luck I’ll have some time to work on it tonight and dport7 will be back in full effect. Just wait it’s going to be huge.

This has been a hard thing to admit but I think it’s about time someone said it. I sure do like that Kelly Clarkson . I know I know it’s kinda gay but I’ll tell you what she’s got some good songs man. I’m sure I”ll catch hell for saying all of this but I don’t care. Oh no I won’t let you see the tears I cry behind these hazel eyes. In other news my parents are in town today they drove the “Big Van” with some of my old stuff all the way from Ohio. I got the Marcel Breuer chair which is exciting and my old beat up Emmes chairs I stole from the hospital in cincinatti. Oh what a wicked past I have.

So the dport7 “move in” party was thrown last night. Turn out was respectable. For all of you that couldn’t make it for one reason or another check out the pictures in frames. Thanks to everyone that made it out to Brooklyn to see us. It turns out that our neighbors that live directly under us also had a small party last night. When we all came to this morning and looked out the window we saw that in-fact our neighbors know how to part much harder than we do. What I think where guests at their party had passed out on top of eachother in the sun on the deck. I think we all know it sucks to wake up after a hard night of drinking it really hurts to wake up on a deck in a lawn chair in the sun with some women crushing your leg. i love it.

So I know everyone wants to know how the new job is going. Well the answer is well. It’s not overly busy right now so I have a chance to get trained a bit before new projects start. Which I think may be unheard of in ID. Anyway this may sound stupid but the best part of the new job is the vending machines in the lobby. First off it cuts the cost of morning breakfast in half. Second it’s at work so chances are I’ll actually stop and grab something. A granola bar and juice makes all the difference when your teaching yourself solid works.

So I think I officially have a problem and need counseling. So as we all know I bought a G4 Cube about a month-ago, mainly just because I think it’s pretty. I was using my Dell monitor with it but I need that for my Dell shit box so I can do the 3D modeling. So I needed a monitor for the cube, I couldn’t plug it into the TV because the graphics card couldn’t handle it. So I looked all over for a dirt cheep flat screen monitor to use. I couldn’t find one for under like $130 or $140 so I thought “why not use that ebay thing everyone talks about all the damn time”. So I went on ebay and found an old Apple 15″ Display for $199, so I bid on it knowing I wouldn’t will. Turns out I did. The discription said it was brand new never been used. They weren’t lying it came in the original box with the original instruction manual the thing is like brand new. I’m in love. Click on it for a larger image!

I’m walking to work this morning and as always the streets are a mess of people and faces. There’s always the one dude with the forever angry face. Is the guy mad as hell or has the weight of his world just put the forever anger on his face? So I’m thinking do I have anger face? Do I show the warning signs of anger face, or do you just wake up one day and there it is in the mirror. This face that tells all other people “watch out and get the hell out of my way”. I know go the the bathroom 5 times a day just to check. Maybe I should look at myself and smile in the mirror and say “hello happy dude your not mad your just busy”
One thing that will help anger face is the iPod nano That thing is HOTT!! with two T’s

The NYC DMV and I are having words! They are bastards straight out. Just to get a New York ID you need like 5 forms of ID. In that 5 forms must be your birth certificate. For real who the hell has a their birth certificate on them? For real ! Anyway yesterday I helped Kate move in to her new apartment. The moving truck came from Denver with NO lIe 40 boxes. Sound crazy right? But when it was unpacked it wasn’t really that much stuff. So today is IKEA in Long Island I’m looking for a computer desk for my room and maybe some shelves for the wall. ok!